Sunday, April 06, 2014

The 40th is finally here!!!!

... and I can't believe I missed the live broadcast of the choir's performance.  :(  So sad!!!!  And Benny was THERE TOO?!?!?!?!?!?!   I still don't know which ABBA members went to London...  Well, who cares?  I'm sure the performance will get put up on YouTube and I'll find out which ABBA members are in London soon enough.  ;)  Happy 40th!


  1. I did watch it! It was absolutely beautiful! The choir's performance was awesome. They even sang "Intermezzo Nº 1" Can you believe that? It blowed me away! An yes, Benny was there and played "Thank You For The Music". Very touching moment.

    And Björn and Frida are attending to Tate. :)

  2. THEY SANG INTERMEZZO NO.1?? How? Like Arrival, where they used Agnetha and Frida's voices as instruments? :P It must have been beautiful! I've been looking all over to find a repeat of the performance, but I'm having no luck. :( And thanks for the info! I wonder why no pictures or videos have showed up yet... And I was also wondering, what's up with Agnetha? :P

    1. Yes, the voices were actually the instruments. It was amazing! I want a CD of that performance! Haha. Some friend of mine is trying to upload the video on Youtube. As soon as it's ready, I'll send you the link.

      By the way, I got so many things to tell you!!! A friend of mine was there in London, together with a friend and they met Frida and Björn! It was so awesome! She says Frida is even more beautiful in person and she's such a nice lady. And, she showed her my drawings! She went on WOW! She loved it, she said I was a marvellous artist! Can you believe it? I'm the happiest girl in the world right now! So sad I couldn't attend to the event. Some friends told me it was a big thing after all. Not the big party we all thought it was gonna be but Frida and Björn were there and they gave a beautiful speech. Björn said "we (the fans) are unique" and that "ABBA have the best fans in the world". And, that's true! Björn is so bright! Haha.


    2. Ooh, I can't wait to see it! ;) Thanks!

      Oh wow, that is so amazing!! You are so lucky!!! :D I'm still trying to figure out how to send Frida some of my drawings... :P I am so happy for you!!!! Congrats!


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