Sunday, March 18, 2018

Benny's 1975 costume

I have officially completed my 1974/75 costumes for my dolls.  It feels so good to actually complete making a whole set of ABBA costumes and it's only March.  I feel so good about myself, maybe I'll actually be able to make more this year? :D 

Anyways, the reason why I saved Benny's outfit for last is because it's very simple.  It's just a jacket, scarf, and pants.  I'm not 100% satisfied with the outfit because the fabric was hard to work with, but it's alright. :)

For a more detailed post, feel free to check out my sewing blog, Sew Amazing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bjorn's 1975 Costume

 I've finished Bjorn's costume from 1974/75 to go along with Agnetha and Frida's costumes that I made earlier. :D

This is the probably the third time I've made this outfit, and I'm finally satisfied with it.

For a more detailed post, you can check out my other blog Sew Amazing. :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

800 subscribers!

Just a few weeks ago I reached 700 subscribers, and now I'm at 800! :O  I'm absolutely speechless.  I know I've said this a bazillion times, but I am soo honored to have so many people following my channel and enjoying the random videos I put out.  It's so amazing, and I am so thankful to every single one of you who took the time to subscribe to my channel.  It really makes me smile thinking that there are so many people who enjoy my work.  Thank you so much. <3

Bjorn's Overalls

As I've been working on Bjorn's outfit from 1975 for my doll, I noticed something interesting about Bjorn's overalls that he wears.

We all know that Bjorn's outfit is an orange striped shirt with a pair of white overalls.  The overalls seem to made of a satin, and on this picture below, Bjorn's pants have some silver detailing to them, (three on one leg and two on the other... okay... xD ), and they also appear to be quite short.
Bjorn's overalla also have silver details around the top.  (You can really see the satin on this picture. :) )
In this picture, Bjorn's wearing that outfit again.  Except there seems to be something different.  The front panel has the same detailing, but the pants have two layers to them, and are quite long.  Plus the silver details at the bottom look more like a fringe.
The straps of the overalls seem to be a bit wider as well.
At first I never noticed the difference, but not it seems quite clear that Bjorn has two different overalls.  Seeing as the design at the front of both the overalls is the same, I'm thinking that Owe Sandstrom reused the same front panel and just swapped out the straps and the pants, but it could also be that he remade the whole thing, which I understand since I remake things all the time, haha.
I also noticed that in this picture where Bjorn is wearing the same overalls but a different top, Bjorn's pants don't seem to be a satin anymore.  The top of the overalls looks satin, but the pants seem to be made of a more slinkier fabric that has a shine to it, but it's not satin.

Now I don't know if I was the first to notice this or I just never noticed until now, but I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post. :)