Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mamma Mia, here I go again....

Mamma Mia, here I go again..  I've made my ABBA dolls two different batches of Kimonos, each time trying to make them better.  Now I've made a third batch of Kimonos with a whole new pattern...

  (Left) My first batch of Kimonos were done with a simple shirt pattern, all stuck together and very silly looking.  I wasn't satisfied with the way they looked, so I made another batch.  My next batch (Right) was with the same pattern, but the flower designs were done with glitter pens and the belts were separate.  They were wonderful, but again, I wasn't satisfied.  Now, many months later, I take out my pen and paper and design a whole new pattern that would hopefully get my Kimonos to look more like the actual costumes.

  Now, after two weeks of sewing, I've completed these wonderful, new Kimonos.  This time, I did the flower designs with my trusty sequins.  :)

My lovely, new Kimonos.  They now have big sleeves like the actual Kimonos.

A closeup of the picture above.

Agnetha's purple Kimono.

A closeup

All the patterns on Agnetha kimono.  You can't imagine how many times I've had to glue those sequins back on!  I've done it almost every morning! :(

Bjorn's Blue Kimono.

The designs on Bjorn's kimono

Benny's Red Kimono

Benny's patterns.

No, I haven't forgotten Benny's flower designs on the back.  ;)

Frida's Green Kimono

Frida's patterns.

And of course, my ABBA dolls with my new CD!  :D

I love this CD!  It comes with all the songs I love!  :D

Linda and Peter riding my friend's toy horses.  :)

ABBA with my friend's little Playmobil horse.  :)

  That's all, folks!  :)  By the way, I want to start working on ABBA's black jumpsuits from late 1978 and early 1979.  :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's here!

  My ABBA CD arrived today and I love it!  In fact, I'm listening to it right now...  Right now I'm listening to "The Day Before You Came". 

   Anyway, have a great weekend!  :D

Send Birthday Wishes to Benny

You can now send birthday wishes to Benny on ABBAsite.  I'm not going to send one yet because I haven't finished my "Sunny Girl" animation.  Anyway, you can send Benny birthday wishes here.  :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I almost forgot...

  I almost forgot to tell everyone this important piece of news...

  I'M GETTING AN ABBA CD!!!  I'm extremely excited and I can't wait till it gets here!  It's supposed to be here sometime soon...  I've been so excited every time the mail comes, but I was disappointed because today is Thanksgiving and there is no mail delivery today...  :(

Anyway, I'm getting a Compilation Album called "Classic ABBA - The Master Collection".  It comes with many great songs on it!

Well, here's the track listing:

  • 01 Thank You For the Music
  • 02 The Winner Takes It All
  • 03 Fernando
  • 04 One of Us
  • 05 Angel Eyes
  • 06 Day Before You Came
  • 07 Eagle
  • 08 So Long
  • 09 Why Did It Had To Be Me?
  • 10 Ring Ring (English Version)
  • 11 The Way Old Friends Do (Live At Wembley Arena)
  • 12 Slipping Through My Fingers
  • 13 Hasta Manana
  • 14 Our Last Summer
  • 15 My Love My Life
  • 16 If It Wasn't For the Night
  • 17 People Need Love
  • 18 Happy New Year

More doll pictures

  These are some not so recent pictures of Bjorn Uldollus and Agnetha Dollskog taking a trip out with us to an indoor-amusement-park-like-thingy.  :P  I hadn't taken Frida Dollstad or Benny Anderdoll with us because their heads were falling off at the time...

I had no idea my dolls secretly work for the Fire Department...

And they can drive, too?!?

Agnetha and Bjorn on a small horse carriage ride

"Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars.  Let me see what Spring is like on Jupiter and Mars..."

Fly me to the moon, too....!   Never mind, I'm too lazy... and my overalls are coming off...

ABBA's Outdoor Adventures - Part 4

  I know I haven't done this in a while, but I was searching through some pictures and found some of these doll pictures from the summer.  So here they are:

Agnetha on a doll-sized tire swing.  I put her on top of it instead of inside because there was water in it. (Yes, it rained during the summer...)

Lazy Bjorn on a chair...

Let's go swinging!

Is this a scale, or is it a thermometer? I don't think I'm 90 pounds...

Agnetha and Benny on a tree.

ABBA on a hammock.

Bjorn in a tree.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Animations...

  I've been taking a long break from making animations, so now I'm starting again.  I'm going to start working (Actually, I just started up my Lego Digital Designer...) on "Sunny Girl" for Benny's birthday, then (if I have time to,) I'll work on "Take A Chance On Me".  If I can't to that, I'll work on Happy New Year for January 1st, 2013. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crazy Pictures...

I was fooling around with some ABBA pictures and went overboard. :P  See what I mean?

The picture of Frida with the tea cup came out pretty good in my opinion... :)