Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New dolls!

  Hello!  Today, I would like to introduce all of you viewers to the newest dolls to my collection:
Donna Noble (right), The Doctor (middle), and Rose Tyler (left)!
    Not all the dolls belong to me, though. The Doctor and Rose both belong to friends and were both made with friends, but Donna is all mine!  I did make all the clothes, though, so I have some rights.  :P

Cute pose, right?  :)  I made the outfit to be like the one she wore in the episode "Tooth and Claw"

The dress actually doesn't belong to Donna.  It is a random dress I made for my Frida doll, so soon I'll have to make Donna a new set of clothes. I was thinking that I would make her wedding dress from "The Runaway Bride".
  So, that's all the pictures I have so far.  :)  I am thinking of working on new doll costumes for my dolls though. I've already gotten a few supplies that are needed to make these:

  I know, you're probably thinking, "Hey, hasn't ABBAFan456 made those costumes before?" and yes I have.  But this time I'm not going to use acrylic paint and accidentally glue their clothes onto my dolls.  I'm going to do everything with the sewing machine.  ;)

Oh yeah, just for the fun of it, here is a video I made yesterday:

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Benny at ABBA the Museum

Guess who was at ABBA the museum today?  Benny and friends.  He just missed going with Agnetha by just one week!  Why do they keep on missing each other?!?

Anyway, I wish I were there to meet him.  :(

Also yesterday, Claes af Geijerstam, ABBA's old sound engineer (Not Micheal B. Tretow) was visiting ABBA the Museum.  :)
  If only he and Benny had gone on the same day...

Drawings here I come!

  Hi viewers!  As you can tell by the title, this post has something to do with drawings. It has to do with my newest drawings which I just finished coloring in last night.  So, here they are!  Be aware that the scanner ruined a lot of the colors... again.  :P

Agnetha in 1975.  I like the way this one came out.  :)
Agnetha in 1976.  Love the hair.  :P
Agnetha in 1977.  This is an example of the scanner ruining the colors.  o.O
Agnetha and Bjorn in 1976.  Yes I know, Bjorn came out a bit weird...  It's still a cute picture.  ^_^
Let the midnight special shine a light on me...!  Agnetha on "Midnight Special" in 1976.  This picture is actually leftover from the last bunch of pictures, but I couldn't scan or color it in because someone stepped on it.  :P
Agnetha on a french TV show in 1978.
Agnetha in 1980 at a press conference looking rather bored.  :P
Agnetha on "Loose Women" from this year.  :)
The As in 1977.  Not one of my favorite pictures.  It didn't come out too good.
Benny in 1976 on some American TV show.
Benny in 1978 during the Summer Night City photo session.
Benny in the polar offices in 1976.
Bjorn in the polar offices as well in 1976.  Not one of my favorites, either.  The colors are a bit off, too.
Bjorn in 1978.  Now this is what I call the perfect picture!  :D
Frida also in the polar offices in 1976. 
Frida in 1978. 
Princess Leia during the filming of "Empire Strikes Back"
Princess Leia during a photo session for "A New Hope"
The woman who played Ethel Mertz in I Love Lucy, Vivian Vance!  :D
And finally, here is a picture of my fellow ABBA fan, Isabela Colmenares. I drew this picture in order to thank her for being kind to me as well as giving me a few tips on drawing.  Thank you Isabela!  :D
Alright, so those are all my drawings for now.  Can't wait to hear from you in the comments!  :D