Sunday, August 31, 2014

CLOSED - Pick My Next Animation!

  Alrighty dighty, today my Pick My Next Animation announcement/contest thingy ends.  In fact, it just ended.  Time to choose which animation to make next.  :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bad Wolf & Cinnamon Drawings

I did this all within an hour and in the dark.  Pretty amazing, huh?  :P

It's my hamster, Cinnamon!  ^_^  Isn't she ADORABLE?  :D
Plus, I decided to colorize the Bad Wolf drawing.  :P

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Great costumes!

  Happened to check the Bjorn Identity's facebook page and saw their new costumes.  :)  I absolutely LOVE them!  They're not identical to ABBA's, but that's only a problem by me because I'm a perfectionist.  :P 
  These outfits are actually on my To Do list, so you'll be seeing my dolls in them sometime in the near future.  :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Day Ever?

  Today has been a blast!  :D  First off, we spent the entire day at this amusement park that I haven't been to in eight years!!!  It was so amazing, I went on so many rides that I was to scared to go on back then and I also went on rides that were my favorite then.  Now I find them too scary.  I even had to shut my eyes tightly and hold my breath to not scream.  :P  Second, I got a free webkinz Googles!!  ^_^  And the funny thing is just the other day, my friend got a virtual pink googles with the points that she saved up from #OneWebkinzWorld and named her Amy J. Pond of the Doctor Who character.  So I'll be naming my white one The Doctor.  :P  And third, (this is the best part IMO) the Bjorn Identity, this awesome Irish tribute band, SHARED MY REVIEW!!!  :D :D :D  :D  And look, they shared a picture of them in the full kimonos just for me!  :D
Thank you Karen Rush, Richard Doubleday, Jonny McGuiness, Diana Nesbitt and everyone else who works with the Bjorn Identity for sharing my review on your Google + page and your facebook page!  ^_^  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^  WHOOHOO!!!  *Happiness Overload*

Friday, August 15, 2014


  Even though it's the middle of August, I am freezing.  Well, maybe that's because it's early in the morning.  :P  Anyway, today I am marveling about how Peter Capaldi, Jenna Louise Coleman, and Steven Moffat were in the same country as me today and yesterday!  ^_^  I didn't go to New York where they are/were, but just knowing that they're in the same country as I am is making me happy.  :D

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chiquitita tell me what's wrong...

  I'll tell you what's wrong - I want to go to ABBA the Museum!!!!  :'(  I was just looking at some more pictures people have taken there and all the fun, and it's making me so sad.  Someday I'll go, but when?????  :'( :'( :'(  Can somebody please give me a free teleporter of some sort?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Black Widow

  Here is my newest drawing - completed in about two and a half days.  ;)  I finally found one of my black color pencils that keep on getting lost and decided to get this done.  :)  After seeing the Avengers recently, I've been looking for good pictures of Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff to draw - so here it is!  Yay!  ^_^  I absolutely love the way the eyes came out.  ;)

Friday, August 08, 2014

#OneWebkinzWorld is officially...

...over!!  :D Play days started today and I got 10,000 KinzCash added to my over a million stash of KinzCash as well as other super cool stuff!  :D  Thank you everybody who helped us with this community challenge like subscribing to the YouTube channel.  :)  In fact, we even unlocked the 3rd Neon Tutu recipe item early because they loved reading everyone's stories.  :)

Final Neon Tutu Item Unlocked!
August 8th, 4:43 PM

The mysterious Neon Tutu recipe has long remained unsolved – until now! We loved reading your #OneWebkinzWorld memories so much that we’ve unlocked the third and final ingredient for everyone…early! Look for it to be floating in Webkinz World on Sunday, Aug. 10. Have fun creating your own Neon Tutu!
  One thing that is really upsetting me though is that the free mobile apps are for ITunes only and I don't use ITunes, so I'm really, really sad.  :(

  Anyway, thank you again everybody!  :D

Thank you, Roxanne! :D

Thank you so so so so so much, Roxanne, for writing such kind words about my dolls and featuring them on your blog.  :)  I'm really honored and it really made my smile. 

These wonderful ABBA dolls with the instantly recognisable 1977 Tour costumes were handmade by ABBA fan Becky Laine from the United States.
They are just gorgeous - I love them !

Very clever - and so cute :)

Thanks for sharing these images Becky and allowing me to post them here.

I love how creative ABBA fans can be - and these are my favourite items made by a fan :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Unlocking the Neon Tutu!!!!

  More #OneWebkinzWorld news.  :P  Anyway, Webkinz just told us another way of getting the rest of  the Neon Tutu recipe and they've also extended the deadline to August 9th!  Yahoo!!  :D

2nd Neon Tutu Item Unlocked PLUS New Webkinz Newz Goal!
August 5st, 5:13 PM

Congrats to the community for reaching 1000 subscribers on our NEW YouTube Channel! You did so well hitting 1000 that we’ve now unlocked the SECOND Neon Tutu ingredient for you to enjoy during Play Days.

“What about that third ingredient, though?” you ask? While we encourage the community to keep subscribing to the YouTube Channel by clicking here (you get access to so many awesome Webkinz videos, it’s great!), we also want you to get that third Neon Tutu ingredient. Why? Because it’s more fun!

Along with reaching 2000 YouTube subscribers, here’s another way you can unlock the third Neon Tutu ingredient:

  1. Go to the #OneWebkinzWorld “Stories We Love” article by clicking here.
  2. Tell us your favorite #OneWebkinzWorld memory in the comment section (please only one memory per person. Any non-memory-related comments will not be approved by moderators).
  3. If we get 500 memories by Aug. 9, you’ll unlock the third Neon Tutu ingredient!

Whichever milestone is reached first – 2000 YouTube subscribers or 500 #OWW memories – will unlock the third ingredient.

We can’t wait to read about your #OneWebkinzWorld memories. Good luck!
    This is for people on WebkinzNewz though, but I'm sure we'll make it on time!  ^_^

Friday, August 01, 2014

Deadline Extended

Whoohooo!!! :D  Webknz extended the deadline from August 1st t August 7th, which means more time to get 2000 subscribers on youtube!  Come on, guys!  Keep on subscribing.  ;)  Oh yeah, and we got the facebook challenge completed.  Yay!!!

You guys are probably thinking, "Since when did this ABBA blog turn into a Webkinz blog?  The past four posts are completely about Webkinz.  What happened here?"  Well, sorry about that.  I just LOVE Webkinz.  I'm still an ABBA fan, don't worry.  And once #OneWebkinzWorld is over, I'll probably return to my normal ABBA maniac self.  :P 

To make you guys happy, here is an ABBA picture.  :P  Yay!

Determined to collect eveything Wacky

Now I don't mean wacky as in wacky things that look really weird.  :P  I mean this little guy.  Or more like these little guys.
  Wacky is this little yellow thingy called a Zingoz from Webkinz.  Starting today is the Wacky Zingoz celebration!!  :D  An you can win several prizes from paying several of the Wacky themed games in the Arcade.  One of them is to get 11500 points or more from playing this game WackyEr Zingoz which takes an awfully long time.  I've already gotten one of the four prizes that can be one, but I want them all.  Why?  Well, for my Wacky Room.  I'm trying to collect everything Wacky or Zingoz related and put it all in a room.  :P  I'm weird.  :P

469 out of 11500.  o.O