Friday, August 30, 2013

Rare Hootenanny Singers Performance 1971

  Someone on YouTube that I'm subscribed to uploaded this super rare performance... or at least it's rare for me since I've never seen it before.  :P  It's quite good quality for 1971... I wonder if Bjorn was already married to Agnetha at that time...

Look what Agnetha wrote!

Well, not to me, but to ABBA the Museum in the guest book:

Isn't she sweet?  :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Super Trouper, beams are gonna blind me...

  Hello everyone!  :)  Here is a wallpaper I just made.  Feel free to use it on your computers.  :)
  Nice, isn't it?  :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

ABBA the Coloring Book

  I'm so happy that there is actually an ABBA coloring book!  :D  It's at ABBA the Museum... which I haven't gone to yet. -_-  I'm happy though, because now I don't have to make any for the ABBA community!  I remember wanting to make one a while back because there wasn't any ABBA coloring books at the time.

  Well, the picture you're supposed to color in doesn't look so good...  I bet I could do better... Maybe I should make one...  Anyway, at least there is a coloring book now.  There are also ABBA color pencils which I think is just awesome!  If I ever go to the museum, I'm definitely going to get some.

   I bet my good friend Isabela could use them, too.  ;)  Oh, viewers, you should really check out Isabela's blog!  She draws amazing ABBA drawings!  She is so talented!  :D

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guess who was at the museum today...

  No, not me.  I'm in a place that is too far away from ABBA the Museum.  :(  I wish I could go there...  Too much money, though.  :(

  Anyway, Agnetha was there!  Well not just Agnetha, but Agnetha and friends.  I don't know if the woman to the far left is Linda or not.  I don't think it is.

  Now I wish I really was there because it would be so nice if I were able to meet Agnetha in person! Well, time will tell.  ;)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A littel update on the ABBA fan

  Hello viewers!  I'm really, really sorry for the inactivity.  I've just been enjoying my summer vacation...  which'll be ending soon which means more activity out of me.  Anyways, to make you all happy, I'll tell you all what I've been up to.  ;)

  I'm trying to get myself to start working on more doll costumes.  I've decided to remake the 1977 tour costumes again this time with better fabric and stuff.  I got the perfect... well, not really fabric but elastic band... that I can stitch together and make Frida a much better top.  I've also got this wonderful gold trimming-stuff which I should be able to cut and hem into whatever shapes I want which'll make sewing these costumes a lot easier than last time where I painted everything on which was really messy.  (Run on sentence - My English teacher would be mad!)

  Another thing:  I was watching all my LEGO animations today and that got me in the mood to finally finish up my Eagle animation.  Sorry to keep you guys waiting.  :(  The bad news about making an animation is that I can get tired out while making it.   This is what I do that tires me out so much:  I divided1 minute long parts That doesn't sound too bad, right?  Well, that's only the beginning.  Because I'm using the full version of Eagle and not the single edit, I had to divide it into 5 parts.  That doesn't sound too bad either.  BUT it takes 1 hour to complete one 1-minute part which is the hardest part of it all.  Oh yeah, my LEGO digital designer isn't so good either and it always 1) crashes 2) hangs and 3) becomes really slow and causes my computer to crash.  -_-  That isn't too fun.  So, you'll have to wait a bit longer before the final product gets uploaded to YouTube.

Here is a picture from it so you can see what exactly I'm doing.  :P
Yes, Agnetha and Frida have become eagles.  :P
Another bit of news:  I changed my YouTube channel a bit.  I'm now doing a new set of videos about me colorizing black and white pictures on Ribbet!  You can check it out if you want. 

  So, that's whats been going on with me.  :P  I hope all of you viewers are enjoying the last bits of your summer vacation!

Can't wait to hear from you in the comments below!  :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Butchering Songs

BEWARE, this is a rant.  :P

  Hello viewers!  :D  Today was a wonderful day!  I was out enjoying some summer fun.  Everything was nice...  EXCEPT for one thing:  I heard people singing Mamma Mia.   Even worse: They were getting everything all wrong!  Most ABBA fans don't really mind that, but I was in the "Be true to your music group" mode.  I didn't walk up to the people singing and say, "That is not how to sing Mamma Mia, you evil, evil people!"  I just walked by and kept quiet.

  Well, if that was a real ABBA rehearsal and ABBA were there, I have a feeling that Bjorn and Benny would not be pleased...  They didn't even like it when Agnetha and Frida sang out of key!  o.O


I found something special!

  Very recently, I happened to be visiting ABBA the Museum's facebook page and was looking at pictures related to ABBA the Museum, such as pictures taken there by people.  It just so happened that I found THIS.

  Does that picture look familiar?  Yes it does!  That is my profile pic at YouTube!  :)  Now isn't that awesome?

The lovely and kind Agnetha! :D

  Awww,  now I wish I had entered in the Dance Your Pain Away get-yourself-embarrassed (no offense, Agnetha) contest because this is what Agnetha wrote to all the people who entered in the contest:

Agnetha is so sweet!  I wish that she'd send something like that to me someday...  Anyway, Agnetha is a really sweet and lovely woman and I am so glad that she returned to the public with her wonderful new album!  :D

Monday, August 12, 2013

The video is out!

  Alright, so the Dance Your Pain Away video is officially out.  I'm not too crazy about it because, first off, Agnetha wasn't in it and there was only footage of Agnetha at Stockholm Pride, and second, it's too wild for me.  I like the song and all, but I don't think I'd go dancing like that.  ESPECIALLY not in public.  :P

Sunday, August 11, 2013

D-d-d-dance your pain away!

The Dance Your Pain Away video will be out tomorrow morning at 10am BST time.   The video is going to feature Agnetha in it which I think is great!  Can't wait!  :D

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Drawings! Hooray!

Tada! More drawings! :D  Just beware, the scanner ruined the colors of almost all these drawings.

Agnetha in 1975 with a Popsicle!  Yummy!

I did this picture for a friend of mine.  Yes, the actual picture was cropped like that.  ;)

Agnetha in 1978.  She looks cute.  :)

Agnetha in 2013.  Sorry that she looks so red in the face.  I had trouble coloring her face in.

Agnetha and Frida in 1977.

Agnetha and Frida in 1976.

Bjorn in 1976, from the ABBADabbaDoo special!

Frida in 1977.  This is one of my favs.  :)

Lucy!  :D

Surprise!  The Doctor and his daughter, Jenny.  :)
Donna Noble.

Martha Jones.  The color didn't come out too nice...

Jenny again.  ;)

And Rose again!  :)
Please comment.  :)

Thursday, August 01, 2013


  I didn't notice this before, but I have 20,000 views!  Thank you, thank you everybody!  :)