Thursday, July 26, 2018

I have been waiting for these visitors...

I don't know if I've talked about it much, but in recent years, a lot of ABBA's later albums are starting to become my favorites. I always have trouble choosing a favorite album since honestly I love them all, but among my top favorites would be Voulez-Vous and The Visitors.  I got Voulez-Vous for $1 a a year ago at a convention and that was pretty cool.  But two years ago, in 2016, I had been at yet another convention where I saw the Visitors for sale for $5 which is awesome, but because I didn't have any cash on hand I didn't buy it.  (Stupid me, haha.)
From my instagram when I saw the Visitors for $5.
Just this Monday actually, I had a random idea to go look for records on Ebay and I happened to come across The Visitors again, this time for $7. Compared to the other 2 records that I've managed to find for $2 and less, this is more expensive, but $7 for a record is a great price so I grabbed it. :)  And today it arrived in the mail. :D

Honestly I was a bit scared about ordering records from online since I've heard horror stories of how records can break in transit, but this one arrived in great condition and it arrived really quickly too!!  Definitely a great first experience for buying records online. :)

And now here is my current collection of LPs.  I'm absolutely delighted to have them in order, from The Album to the Visitors.  this means I currently have 4/8 studio albums.  Now I just need to get the first half.... xD

One of the things I was a bit concerned about was that my copy of The Visitors has this printed on the front...  :S  thankfully I've been reassured that there's nothing wrong with my owning this record, haha.

I have yet to play this on the record player, but I really look forward to hearing it on the record player.  I'm definitely quite happy with how easy it was to buy this album through ebay, so I definitely plan on trying to complete my ABBA record collection and getting the first 4 albums on record now... wish me luck. :'D

Friday, July 06, 2018

July 6th, 1971

Today in 1971, Agnetha and Bjorn were married. :)