Monday, July 30, 2012

"Crazy World" Animarion Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek for my next animation: Crazy World, requested by a friend of mine.  :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Agnetha's Curly Hair" Drawing

Here is a picture I drew of Agnetha from 1982 with extremely curly hair.  Why did she curl her hair in 1980 and why did she cut it mid-1979?  She looked better with long, blond hair and bangs... :P

 Compare it to the original!

Agnetha and Frida - Edraw Max

While playing around with a clothing designer called Edraw Max, I made four different outfits that Agnetha and Frida wore.  :)

 The "Waterloo" Costumes
 The white Wembley Arena costumes.
 Their black outfits from 1979.
Cat Dresses!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New York ABBA Picnic - Postponed

I didn't notice before, but the ABBA picnic in New York is being posponed.  ;P

"New York ABBA Picnic Postponed

The New York ABBA Picnic has been postponed to the 26th August from 14:00. The other info here with regards to the location is still correct. " -- Fanclub

Friday, July 20, 2012

Princess Leia drawing

I know this is an ABBA Blog, but I really want to put up this picture, so....

Here is a picture I drew of Princess Leia from the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, the fifth movie in the Star Wars Saga.  

 Compare it to the original!

It's Frida Friday!

Hooray!  It's Frida Friday!  Here are some pictures with Frida in them.  Some of them of funny, others are just nice.  :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New York Chess Concert

I just read at the Fanclub that there will be a Chess Concert in New York.  :P

New York Chess Concert

A Chess concert is taking place on the 30th July at LaGuardia Arts at Lincoln Centre in NYC, in aid of the Actor's Fund of America. Click here for further info/tickets. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What are the ABBA Members doing this summer?

What are the ABBA Members doing this summer?  Well, here is the answer:

They are going camping and swimming.  (See pictures below.)
These are two pictures I made of the ABBA members having fun during the summer.  I hope you like it!

ABBA Doll Flightsuits + New Dolls :)

Here are some pictures of the new flightsuits I made for my ABBA dolls.
There are also some pictures of my new dolls, which you'll find out the names of soon.

A group shot.

Closeup of the picture above.

Full-sized Bjorn.

A closeup on Bjorn.

Full-sized Agnetha.

 Closeup on Agnetha.

Full-sized Frida.

Closeup on Frida

Full-sized Benny

Closeup on Benny

Lucy from the I Love Lucy show!  Everyone loves Lucy.  :)

Closeup of Lucy.

Saavik, the Vulcan girl from the Star Trek movies.  I made Saavik for a friend of mine.

Closeup on Saavik.  She does have Vulcan ears, they're just hard to see behind her hair.

More ABBA Wallpapers

Here are some more ABBA wallpapers I made.  :)
To make them fit, just right click your desktop, hit properties, go to desktop.  On the bottom right, you should see something called "Position".  Select "Stretch" and then click apply or Okay.  :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

ABBA Wallpapers

Here are some ABBA wallpapers I made for you to save to your computer and put as your computer's desktop.  I hope you like them!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Aggy & Fridy" Drawing

This is one of my most recent drawings of Agnetha and Frida.  Unfortunately, I forgot to color in their gums...  :P  It doesn't matter.  :)

Well, there are a few things about my drawing that doesn't really look like the real people, but this was when I started trying to realisticly. ;)

Agnetha and Frida Faces - so REALISTIC!

My drawing skills are really getting better.  These faces look so real!  I can't help but say this a million times.  I'm really impressed.  :)

I do a lot of studying on ABBA pictures whenever I draw my pictures.  I always do the best I can to make sure my drawings look a lot like the real people.  :)

Frida's eyes are a bit lopsided, but the face still looks wonderful! :)

Realistic ABBA Drawing - My best yet!

This has to be my favorite drawing yet!  They look so much like the real people!  Agnetha's eyes look so good- I'll post a picture I did of hers an Frida's faces later. :)

Frida's face is a bit small, but she looks great!  (As you can see, I've really advanced in my drawing skills.)

I drew them in their Flightsuits - the ones that they wore on the Arrival Album and on other performances.  
Speaking of flightsuits, two days ago, I sewed my ABBA dolls their flightsuits, so I'll get you some pictures soon.  :)

"Summer Night City/Meley Pick A Bale Of Cotton, On Top Of Old Smokey, Midnight Special Single" Drawing

Here is a picture I drew of single "Summer Night City/ Pick A Bale Of Cotton, Blah blah blah...".  :P 
It's one of my first ones, so they don't look that much like the real people.  Benny really looks like himself, though.  Frida looks alright, but something is really wrong with Agnetha's face...  Bjorn looks okay.  His eyes are too low...

I'll probably redo this picture sometime, now that I've advanced in my drawing skills.  I've started to draw a lot more realistically, so I'll upload a picture I drew which looks a lot like the real people.  :)

What is wrong with these pictures...

I was visiting ABBAsite again and noticed something with these two pictures:

 On the left is the One of Us/Should I Laugh or Cry Single. On the right is The Visitors album cover. Can you see what's different? (The quality and the title do not matter.)

The difference is that Bjorn and Benny switched places while Frida and Agnetha stayed in the exact same positions. How? I'm really fidgety and I would be in different positions on each and every picture. :P I'm not as still as my ABBA dolls....

"Which Band Do You Like Better" - Poll Results

Here are the results for my poll called "Which Band Do You Like Better".

ABBA:  4 (80%)
Beatles: 1 (20%)

I didn't think ABBA was that popular...  Well, thank you for participating in this poll!  :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

ABBA Fact Files

While looking through my ABBA Pictures, I found this one called "Fact Files".  There are a few things in it that are wrong, but I'll point them out later.


1) Agnetha DOES have a sister.  Her name is Mona and she was really, really, cute as a baby.

2) Benny's hair color isn't the same as Bjorn's!  His eyes are a greenish-bluish color!  Not just blue!  There can't be three blondes with blue eyes in the group!

3)  Frida's hair wasn't always red.  It was sometimes brown and blond!  Why can't they say her hair is "Undefined"?!?  ;P

4)  I thought Agnetha's favorite was "Fernando", Frida's "All of them", Benny's "Chiquitita" and Bjorn's "The Winner Takes It All".  That's what they said on "The Late Late Breakfast Show".  I guess their favorites change over time...

5)  I thought Bjorn liked to jog!  Agnetha's not the only one.

6)  Benny's name is Goran Bror, nor Bror Goran.

7)  The ABBA Members did have pets:  Benny and Frida had a dog named Zappa, Agnetha and Bjorn had a dog named Ada, Bjorn later on had a pet collie, and Agnetha had a Leonberger named Hampus.

8) Björn owned a Lexus 600 and Benny had a Porsche Cayenne.


While playing around with different ways to write Frida's name, I added a "y" to the end of Frida's name, and I got Friday.  So now, every Friday (hopefully) I'm going to have a post with many Frida pictures.  :)

In this post, Frida's going to tell a story about her hair.  ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New York ABBA Picnic

On July 22nd, the American ABBA group known as ABBA-DAY is having a picnic at 2:00 PM in New York City.

"On Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 2 p.m., the American ABBA group known as ABBA-DAY will be having at picnic in Central Park, New York City, in the area of Central Park at "the Pond" near the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South.
Everybody is welcome. Bring food you want to eat and share, plus blanket. Also, if anyone has a portable CD player, we can bring CDs and have a little ABBA music. George is working on collecting pictures of Laura so we can remember her too."  -- ABBAFanclub

I don't know who Laura is, but here is the link so you can read more.

It sounds like a lot of fun, but I would rather have a picnic with the REAL ABBA members than a silly old Revival band.  :P

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Funny Screenshots from ABBA in Japan

While watching ABBA in Japan yesterday, I took some funny screenshots that I decided to share with you!

Is Bjorn camera shy, or is he smelling something...smelly...

I am the girl with the golden confetti beard!

 Benny, looking extremely tickled, after a piece of confetti falls down his shirt. :P

For some weird reason, all the confetti that landed on Bjorn's hair seemed to fall off every time he moved.  One of them, though, managed to stay on.  I always thought his hair looked like butter...

Agnetha with confetti hair.  (Now it's really golden!  No need for those silly wigs!)

Agnetha grew in another golden beard.  She really needs to shave... ;)

I hope you liked them!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Whenever I look at the Animation list I made, I feel like I need to add another song to the list.  :P  So now, I'm just going to forget the list and do whatever animation I feel like doing. 

Updated Animations List

I'm always changing my mind when it comes to what animations I want to do, so here is another list which this time I'm actually going to stick to!

  1. Knowing Me, Knowing You (Working on that right now.)
  2. Move On 
  3. Tropical Loveland
  4. Dancing Queen
  5. The Name Of The Game
  6. Honey Honey
  7. So Long
  8. My Love, My Life
  9. Super Trouper
  10. Crazy World
  11. S.O.S
  12. Fernando
  13. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
  14. Does Your Mother Know
  15. As Good As New
Well, that's the list for now.  :P

Happy 4th of July - Doll Pictures

Happy 4th of July!

Here are the newest outfits I've made for my dolls.  I've taken many pictures - including three pictures with a special doll - you'll find out who it is soon. :)

A Group Shot

 Another Group Shot

Full-sized Bjorn

Close-up on Bjorn

Bjorn's cape (It's sewn into the back of his clothes.)

 A full-sized Agnetha

A close-up on Agnetha

Full-sized Frida (What on earth happened to her hair?!?)

A close-up on Frida

The close-up on the front of Frida's jumpsuit.

Frida's wig.  (That was very hard to make, but I completed it within two hours and with my favorite ABBA songs playing.)

 Another view of Frida's wig. (I nick-named it Bridgette.)

A full-sized Benny.

A close-up on Benny.

The feather on Benny's shirt.  (That's a feather from my father's parrot.)

And now for Mara Jade, my favorite character from the Expanded Universe Star Wars books!  I made Princess Leia too, but her hairs falling off.  I hope to sew Luke Skywalker soon.  :)

 A close-up on Mara.  She's the only one of my dolls that has a realistic face.  :)

Another group shot.





Lazy Dolls

Another Group Shot

A Group shot with Mara and Sammi