Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ABBA's Costumes

Here is a video I put together about ABBA's Costumes.  I hope you like it!

Guess who's voice I used....  Do you remember my video about Knoll McSmelly...?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

So Long Dance Sequence GIF

Here is another So Long GIF I just put together!  I used 381 pictures and it took FOREVER to convert it to GIFs.  I'm so glad I got it completed!  Anyway, credit to 2Shaymcn for the video I used for this GIF.  :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Bjorn Uldollus

Happy 1st Birthday, Bjorn Uldollus!  He's now 1 years old. I've had him for this long and he's still in one piece.... even though his head fell off once... :P

 Here is a video I put together for my little Bjorny's birthday!  :)

"So Long" Gif

Here is a random GIF I put together.  It was VERY hard to make...  It's also a bit choppy - if you look at Benny, you'll see what I mean.  :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Do Not Blow Up The Stage!!

Here is a random video I just put together.  Credit to 2Shaymcn for the Dancing Queen part and credit to the maker of a random boom video for the explosion.


Monday, October 22, 2012

My Favorite Songs From All 8 ABBA Albums

  Do you remember my post about my favorite Agnetha songs from her After-ABBA Solo Career?  Well, I've decided to do one of my favorite songs from all 8 of ABBA's albums.  :)

  Anyway, first of, we have ABBA's album, "Ring Ring".  My favorite song from that album would be People Need Love.  I like it because all four of the ABBA members sing the song - It was the only ABBA song where they all sang together.  The unreleased song Here Comes Rubie Jamie was sang by all for ABBA members once again.  Since Bjorn and Benny violently hated the song, they didn't release it.  I like the way the song sounds - even though I've only heard the snippet on "ABBA Undeleted". 

  My next favorite ABBA song is on the "Waterloo" album.  The song is none other than Suzy-Hang-Around.  I like it because it's the only song with Benny on lead-vocals.  He sounds pretty good!  I wonder why he doesn't like to sing...  The only other times you can here Benny sing would be in Here Comes Rubie Jamie, People Need Love (along with Bjorn), and on the "Olivia Newton-John Show".  (Is that even what its called?)

  On the "ABBA" album, I'm not really sure which song is my favorite.  I like So Long and Tropical Loveland a lot...  I like Tropical Loveland a little more than So Long because it is a bit calmer and Frida sounds nice on it.  I like So Long just because I'm able to memorize all the words. :P

  My next favorite song from the "Arrival" album is Knowing Me, Knowing You.  I like it because it was the first ABBA song I ever heard.  If I didn't listen to that song, I wouldn't be doing anything ABBA-related!  Thank you for the music, ABBA!  :D

  On ABBA's 5th album, "ABBA The Album", my favorite song would me Take A Chance On Me.  I don't really know why it is my favorite, but it is. :P  I like the album a lot because I have it on record!  :D  Yay!  Another song I like on the album is Thank You For The Music from the mini-musical, "The Girl With The Golden Hair". 

  My next favorite is If It Wasn't For The Nights from the "Voulez-Vous" album.  I like the song because ABBA sang it on their first visit to Japan in 1978.  1978 is my favorite ABBA year because they were all married!  That reminds me, when is Frida and Benny's anniversary?!?  I forgot.... 

  My next favorite song from the "Super Trouper" album is The Way Old Friends Do.  I like the song because... well... It just makes me think of Bjorn and Agnetha's divorce.  The song makes me think that Bjorn and Agnetha still remained good friends.  By the way, something is really wrong with my comics!  If Linda and Peter are both old enough to go to school, it must be 1984.  In 1984, ABBA had already disbanded and Bjorn and Agnetha were divorced.  Why are they still together as a group and as a family?!?

  On "The Visitors", my favorite song is Head Over Heels.  I like it because I like the Promo-clip ABBA filmed for it.  It's just funny - even though Frida would look a lot better if she had longer hair.  I feel really bad for Bjorn in the video because Frida makes him carry all the stuff she bought at the store!  :D

Now that you know all my favorite songs, here is the Promo-Clip for Head Over Heels.  :D

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Surprise Animation" Update

Here's an update on my surprise animation:

I'm almost finished! I've got 2/4 parts completed and I'm half way through the third part.  (I divide the song into one minute parts.  If the song is four minutes long, I make four one minute parts.  One part usually takes an hour to complete.)

Friday, October 12, 2012

"Lise-Lotte" - A song about Lise-Lotte, Frida's daughter

This is a lovely song written by Bjorn, Benny, and Agnetha about Frida's daughter, Lise-Lotte, featured on the Bjorn and Benny's "Lycka" album.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Surprise Animation - Sneak Peek

This sneak peek is not a video, but a few images.  ;)

Now, in which song does Frida mention eating....?

You can read the lyrics to most of ABBA's songs here and see if you can figure it out.  If you figure it out, DO NOT TELL!  ;)
(Note:  Some of the lyrics in the link may not be so accurate.)

Friday, October 05, 2012

Madame Tussauds ABBA Pictures

Here are some pictures of the wax models Madame Tussauds made.

Now what I'm about to say is my own opinion and you don't have to agree with me.

From a distance, the wax models look a lot like the real ABBA members.  The hair looks great and they look so lifelike.  From an angle, Bjorn, Benny, and Frida look a lot like themselves.  Something seems to be wrong with Agnetha's smile, her eyebrows, and her eyes.  The eyeshadow looks a bit weird, too. From an angle, Agnetha looks a lot like herself from early 1975.

Frida has her nose and the same smile, just the mouth is too small.  Like I said before, from an angle, she looks so much like herself. They got her eyebrows wrong, too.  Also her eyeshape.

From the front, Benny doesn't really look like him.  Something everyone should remember is that Benny's eyes are not blue, but a blueish-greenish color.  (I do a lot of studying on ABBA pictures.)

Bjorn doesn't look much like himself either.  His mouth is too big and they gave him a double chin.  I thought Benny was the one with the double chin.  Also, Bjorn's face looks too triangular.  His shirt is a little too baggy.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Queen of Hearts is back in town!

  The Queen of Hearts is back in town!  Agnetha's recording a new album after all these years.  She's 62 and she still has a great singing voice...   I wonder why all those people said that she won't be making a comeback....  I wonder if my ABBA Reunion comic series has influenced her .  :O  I wonder if she reads my blog...

  Anyway, you can read a little bit more here.

  Speaking of Queen of Hearts, I think I'm going to make an animation of the song after my "Surprise Animation".  :)

  Here's a little picture I made a while ago.  I finally have the right time to post it.  :D

  And of course, here is the song.  :D

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Animated Gif Test

I just put together this animated gif of the LEGO ABBA members spinning from my Mamma Mia animation.

Cute, isn't it?  :D

ABBA The Museum opens in Stockholm!

A new ABBA museum is going to be opened in Stockholm!  Cool!

Read more about it here and here!  :P

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Madame Tussauds' ABBA Models - Unveiled

Earlier today, Madame Tussauds unveiled the ABBA models they were making!  Cool!  The models will be on display on Thursday!  Looking forwards to it!  They look pretty good...  even though they got Agnetha's cat the wrong color and something looks funny with Bjorn's sleeves.  His overalls look a bit strange, too... Benny's clothes look identical.  Frida's cat's tail is in the wrong position too.  I'm sorry the picture is bad quality.  It was the only one I could find.  I hope I can find better quality pictures soon...  :)

Bjorn's Passport from 1972

  Mikory from Mikory's ABBA Blog just posted an image of Bjorn's passport from 1972 earlier today for his daily pictures.  (Wow, I only have weekly pictures.) 

  So, I decided to find out what Bjorn's hair color is.  When I was making my Bjorn doll (The doll's birthday will be coming up really soon, October 28th.  I've had him for that long...?) , a friend of mine told me to make his hair blond (I'm guessing because people like saying that Sweden is full of blonds...?)  I have another friend who says his hair is brown.  I've been making his hair a light brown in all of my pictures. 

  Anyway, I decided to translate what it said on the image.  Here are the things I've discovered:

1)  Bjorn spells his second name with a K.
2)  Bjorn's hair color is "Between Blond", "mellanblont" in Swedish.
3)  Bjorn's eyes are just plain blue, not grayish-blue or anything fancy.   (A friend of mine told me that Bjorn's eyes were brown and I ended up painting his eyes brown.  I had wanted to find a picture of the real Bjorn's eyes, but we had a very long power outage because we had an early snow.  I painted over his eyes with a grayish-blue color.)

  Pretty interesting...  At least now I know what his hair color is.  I have to tell that to all of my friends....