My Collection

***Books & Magazines***

The Story of ABBA For Young Readers (2013)

A children's book written and illustrated by moi.
The Story of ABBA For Young Readers (2016)

New and improved version of my first book.  Written and illustrated by moi.

ABBA the Scrapbook  

A fun and colorful book that tells ABBA's story in an extremely enjoyable way, written by Jean-Marie Potiez.  The first ABBA book I ever read - I would borrow it over and over again from the library before eventually getting a copy of my own.  Definitely one of my favorites.

ABBA the Treasures

Incredible book by Ingmarie Halling where she shares ABBA's story as well as some hilarious personal stories.

ABBA the Official Photo Book

One of my favorite books among my collection.  So many incredible photos to look through.

ABBA Intermezzo Magazine (Winter, 2014)

This magazine was sent to me by the incredible people at ABBA Intermezzo.  It's a very fun read and I very much enjoyed all the articles, and also the special mention of my book!

ABBA by Calvero

Lovely book featuring some of the beautiful photos taken by Torbjorn Calvero.  This book was gifted to me by my lovely friend, Eleonore!

Pop Story

Adorable biography with even more adorable illustrations, written by Bjorn Ulvaeus himself.  This book was also gifted to me by Eleonore.




Ring Ring

Given to me last year for my birthday, ABBA's first album. 





For my birthday this year, I was given ABBA's 2nd studio album.


This album was given to me by my friend Eleonore.   Definitely one of my favorite albums.

The Album

This album was given to me from my dad's record collection. 



 I got lucky and found this record for $1 at a convention I attended.  As it's my favorite album, I was quite happy to finally have it in my collection.  This was also my first record purchase of my own.

Super Trouper

I found this album for $3 when randomly deciding to look for records at my local Goodwill.  Definitely made my whole day to have another ABBA album in my collection.
The Visitors

This album used to not be one of my favorites, but the album started to grow on me so much that I felt I needed to get it.  This was my first online record purchase and I hope to be able to get more albums on record soon.

Greatest Hits Vol.2

My dad bought this album in I believe the 80s.  Suck a lovely compilation album, and I'm so happy to have it in my collection.


Does Your Mother Know/Kisses of Fire (single)

This single was given to me by my friend Eleonore.  I love it a lot, especially since it features one of my all time favorite songs, Kisses of Fire. I also really like this single since it matches with my Voulez-Vous record. :D

Gimmie! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)/The King Has Lost His Crown (single)

Another lovely single given to me by Eleonore.  This single also matches the Greatest Hits Vol.2 record.

Super Trouper/ The Piper (single)

Another incredible single sent to me by my friend Eleonore.   This single matches the Super Trouper record.
Never Again/Just For The Fun (single)

This single was also sent by Eleonore.  Never Again is an absolutely beautiful duet between Tomas Ledin and Agnetha.

The Magic of ABBA

A beautiful compilation album on a cassette tape that I found in my grandfather's collection of music. 

While this isn't the reason why I got hooked on ABBA in the first place, ABBA Gold was the first ABBA album I ever listened to and it definitely contributed to my obsession.  This album comes from my mom's collection of CDs.

Story of a Heart

This album was given to me by my friend Eleonore.  Such a beautiful album with so many beautiful songs.  I've listened to this album on repeat several times.
Kristina Live At Carnegie Hall

An amazing live performance of Bjorn and Benny's musical, Kristina från Duvemåla, given to me by my friend Eleonore.

You can imagine how excited I was to be among the people who pre-ordered Agnetha's new album in 2013.  Definitely one of my most treasured albums among my collection.  So many lovely songs and Agnetha has such a strong and beautiful voice still. <3
 ABBA Live At Wembley Arena

I'd say this album is a must have for any ABBA collector.  It is so amazing to hear how incredible ABBA sounded not only in the studio, but live as well. 

The Best of ABBA - The Millennium Collection

I found this album at Goodwill, and while it's not an overly special compilation album, I'm happy to have it in my collection.  Who can say no to more ABBA?

Classic ABBA

This album was given to me for my birthday.  I love because it has so many "not-popular" songs.  As this was the first album ever bought for me, it's really special to me.





 Cat Coasters

I purchased these from the ABBA the Museum web shop.  I haven't yet had anything to use them with, but for now they make great decorations in my room.
1979 Poster

This comes straight out of the ABBA the Treasures book.  I've had it on my wall ever since the book first arrived and I love seeing it all the time.
Fernando Poster

I bought this poster from the ABBA the Museum web shop.  

1976 Poster

This poster was given to me from my best friend Eleonore.  I think it's the first poster I put up on my wall and it is so pretty and lovely to have up on my wall.

"Waterloo" Poster

I was able to get a printed poster of one of my drawings that I sell through RedBubble.  The drawing is available at my RedBubble store here for those interested. :3


Agnetha's Autograph

I got this autograph in mail in October of 2013.  I've sent lots of fan mail before in my life and have never gotten any response before this, so this was quite a surprise and I am absolutely amazed that Agnetha actually received the drawings I sent and sent me this lovely postcard in return.

Benny, Frida, and Bjorn's Autographs

With the lovely Gorel Hanser's help, I was able to send in some drawings to ABBA and was given this lovely signed postcard by Bjorn, Benny, and Frida in return.  

I'm so bummed that I forgot to ask for Gorel's autograph as well! 

ABBA Keychain 

I've had my eyes on this keychain ever since I first went to ABBA's website, so when I had the opportunity to order some stuff from ABBA the Museum's webshop, of course I got this.  :)