Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some ABBA Videos I made

  Here are two ABBA videos I made today, using footage from many different performances of the same song.  I was sort of inspired by Sinny1992's So Long - Different Performances video.  :P

  Credit to all those who uploaded the videos to YouTube.  :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ABBA and Magazines

  Here are a few pictures of the ABBA members and magazines.  :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Events that happened in 1977

  I am so bored, and I'm sorry that I haven't been posting too much this month, even though, over 30 posts this month is a lot...  Anyway, I've decided to write up on events that had happened to the ABBA members during their 1977 tour, the last half in Australia.

  I remember watching on a video that the ABBA members had wanted to go swimming at... hmmmm... I forgot.... somewhere in Australia.  :P  They were then told that the water was full of sharks and they couldn't go swimming.  Poor ABBA.  Instead, they decided to hold a party it their friends.  During the party, Bjorn had mysteriously disappeared!  Agnetha was freaked out, so she had a search done to find her husband.  No one could find him and Agnetha was afraid he had been attacked by fans and such.  Agnetha sadly returned to the hotel, so sad that her husband was lost.  But then, to her surprise, she found him snuggled up in bed.  :P

  Another event that happened was that Bjorn ended up eating bad shrimp (Yuck!)  and got seriously ill.  He was so pale that he ended up having to wear a lot of makeup.  Poor Bjorn...  :(

  All the toys that Agnetha got from fans she gave to Linda.  Linda must have been so happy to receive all these toys...

  Well, I actually forgot all the events I wanted to post about, but whatever.  :P


Thanks, edwabba7282, "Duh Lyngstad"!

  I was so happy when I got my 27th subscriber, edwabba7282.  When I visited his (or her??) channel, I saw that he had a blog.  I visited it, and didn't notice something special until today...

  ... Today, when I was looking at my blogger dashboard, I saw that I have 1 follower.  I have never had a follower, so I went to see who it was.  I was surprised to see that it was edwabba7282, with the username "Duh Lyngstad".  I was so happy, I went to the blog again.  That's where I found this on his blogroll:

  It's my blog!  :D  I'm so happy! 

  Thank you, edwabba7282!  :D

  Also, today I went shopping and I got a huge set of color pencils.  Expect new drawings soon.  :)  Also, I drew a picture last night of someone...  You can guess who.  :P


  Thank you everybody for visiting ABBAFan456's Blog!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 82nd Birthday, Stikkan Anderson...

... that is if you were alive today...  Poor Stig.  Anyway, if he were alive, then today would be his 82nd birthday!  Happy birthday to you...!  I'm sure that Stig would get an even bigger celebration than he did on his 50th birthday in 1981!  :D

  Here is a video (Sorry, I've got no time to make a LEGO video. I'm stuck at Take A Chance On Me at the moment) of ABBA singing "Tivedshambo" in 1986, the last time they ever got together to record a song.  Hopefully, they will again soon!  :D

And of course, the lyrics to sing along:

Vi skriver lördagskväll
Och tivedsflikan säll
Har vandrat ut från mörka skogen
Åt alla hörn och håll
Det gått som en paroll:
På lördag är det dans på logen
Och med en tacksam smäll
Att det är lördagskväll
Slår kolaren igen sin koja
För när som det är dans
I trakten någonstans
Då vill han vara med och skoja

Där vi i skog och dal
Sällan skådar kvinnlig fägring
Där uti kojan sval
Hamo låter som en hägring
Mennu uti vi chansen har
Att å minnen med tillbaka
Bra att ad vid långa gråa dar
Som tröst för det vi får försaka 

Hör raska klackar slår
När tivedshambo går.
Har Fridas Verner blivit galen
Här sprätter tivedsbor
I hambodansens klor,
Och Verner jagar landsfiskalen
Jag blir det gräl och kiv
Så avgörs det med kniv
För här är rena Vilda Västern
Till vardag och till fest
Är rapesnuset bäst.
Kom hit så bär vi bort orkestern

Hör raska klackar slår
När tivedshambo går.
Har Fridas Verner blivit galen
Här sprätter tivedsbor
I hambodansens klor,
Och Verner jagar landsfiskalen
Jag blir det gräl och kiv
Så avgörs det med kniv
För här är rena Vilda Västern
Till vardag och till fest
Är rapesnuset bäst.
Kom hit så bär vi bort orkestern 

Kvinnor, vin öch sång,
vi slåss på samma gång
och river sönder våra kläder
Och har man inga kvar
Man år med rumpan bar
Och tror på fortsatt vackert väder
Vi kastar inte pil,
Vi har en anna stil
Som mera lutar åt det vilda
Jag her väl ändå rätt
Att slåss på min biljett
När dom ger ögonkast åt Hilda 

Då kan det hända att
Tivedsblodet svallar över
Då åker rock hatt
Utifall ni stryk behöver
Vana vid släp och slit
Kojarliv och tivedskogar
Står vårt mod och våran fasta lit
Till styrkan och till våra knogar 

Hör raska klackar slår
När tivedshambo går.
Har Fridas Verner blivit galen
Här sprätter tivedsbor
I hambodansens klor,
Och Verner jagar landsfiskalen
Jag blir det gräl och kiv
Så avgörs det med kniv
För här är rena Vilda Västern
Till vardag och till fest
Är rapesnuset bäst.
Kom hit så bär vi bort orkestern

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Very strange picture... :P

  This is a picture my friend did of a mix between Agnetha, Bjorn, and Frida.  Looks funny, doesn't it?

Something that will never happen in real life...

  This is a picture that will never happen in real life... :P  I remember watching an interview where Bjorn said that there would be no way he or the other ABBA Members could wear their costumes again... :D

I made this picture, just so you know.   :)

Very Cute Picture

  This is a very cute picture of Agnetha.   :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rare ABBA song

  This was a song that ABBA had recorded in 1974.  Bjorn and Benny didn't like it, so they took out the lead vocals, leaving the song with just backup vocals.  Their guitarist, Rutger Gunnarson, then recorded himself singing the song in an extremely high voice.  :P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tracks on Svenne and Lotta's album

  I was looking through some pictures and came across this one of the back side of Svenne and Lotta's album.  I think it might be called "Svenne & Lotta2", but I'm not sure.  :P

  Anyway, I didn't know that Svenne and Lotta performed "When You Walk In The Room", also sang by Agnetha in 2004, and "Dance While The Music Still Goes On".  :P  Very surprising.

I also came across this video of Svenne and Lotta performing "Cadillac" live.  :P

Monday, January 21, 2013

An Award For Benny

"Award for Benny

Benny has won the Guldbaggen Award for Best Music for his score for the film about Olof Palme. He was there in person to collect the award which was presented to him by Carola." - ABBA Fanclub

 Lucky Benny!  He sure has been doing a lot this year.. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Agnetha Dollskog's 2nd Birthday!

Today celebrates two years of Agnetha Dollskog, my lovely doll of Agnetha!  She was made in 2011 because I wanted to try sewing.  She was the first ABBA doll I made with the sewing machine (The first doll I made was sewn by hand with no seem allowance whatsoever, and the doll didn't come out to good, but it is still one of my favorites.)  Anyway, happy 2nd birthday, Agnetha Dollskog!  :D

Monday, January 14, 2013

Home-made Agnetha CatDress

  This is a home-made Agnetha Cat Dress.  I'm very proud of what I have made!  This costume is life-size.  :D  Thanks to my many tries at trying to made copies of ABBA's costumes into doll size, I have been able to sew sleeves using my own patterns and such.  :)

  I blacked out the mannequin so it will be easier to see the costume.  Unfortunately, the hands of the mannequin got in the way...  Oh well.  :)

  I also made that wig!  It's all made of yarn!  :D  It took about two days to complete...  :)

Bjorn the Grumpy Old Troll

  Remember the "Grumpy Old Troll" song from Dora the Explorer?  Do you also remember the video Bjorn did for CNN about Stockholm?  Well, this is a video about Grumpy Old Trolls, no offense to anyone.  :P

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Take A Chance On Me" Update

  I finally finished part 2 of my "Take A Chance on Me" animation.  I've been doing a lot of photo editing for my animation, like putting a small Frida at the side of a close up of Agnetha.  :P  Well, I should be finished with this animation soon.... I'll let you all know when it is finished.  :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

From regular pitch to extremely high and squeaky!

  On all of ABBA's studio recordings, Agnetha and Frida sound like regular women singing songs.  In 1974 when ABBA performed Waterloo in the Eurovision Song Contest, Agnetha and Frida sang that same way, just a little shakier.  When they performed Waterloo later that year on other TV shows, they began sounding a little higher, like they were more confident with themselves.  They sounded pretty good back then, with nice regular voices.

  In 1975, when Agnetha and Frida were promoting their Solo Albums of the year, Agnetha sounded the same way she did in the studio, a nice normal voice.

  When ABBA did their huge 1977 tour, suddenly, they began singing even higher than usual.  The song "Money, Money, Money", which Frida said was the best because her voice was so deep in that one, Frida sounded much higher than the way she did in the studio recording. 

  Suddenly in 1978 when they performed live in Japan and on the Generation Game show, they went back to normal pitch.

  In 1979, when ABBA did their world tour, Agnetha and Frida turned high and squeaky!  When Agnetha sings "As Good As New" in the studio recording, she sounds normal.  But when she performed the same song life, she's suddenly extremely high and squeaky!  I was just listening to a recording of "As Good As New" live and Agnetha is too high!  :-o

  In 1981 when ABBA performed live on the Dick Cavett show, the girls sang a little deeper than high and squeaky, but they were singing in a pretty high pitch.

 I'm quite surprised that when performing live, they sound so high pitched!  Well, they certainly didn't sound as high as this: :P

  I was playing around with the audio for the Journey song "After the Fall"  and made it very high pitched.  I also made the audio SUPER high pitched and it really hurt my ears!  I couldn't hear anything Steve Perry was saying, but at least this video isn't as high as that...  :P

Agnetha in the TV

  I just love this picture!  It's really cute and...  how did Agnetha get in the TV, anyway?

  Just for fun, I put together this picture...  hee hee...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sad New to all Hootennanny Singers Fans

  I am sorry to say, but Hansi Schwartz, the man who started the Hootenanny Singers, passed away today at the age of 70 after a long battle with cancer, 2 weeks after appearing in a new Swedish ABBA Documentary about ABBA's life up to Waterloo.  :(  Very sad news.

  Ice the Site has an article about what Bjorn felt when about Hansi's death.  I feel so bad for Hansi, Hansi's family, and for Bjorn.  Reading about Bjorn's feelings just makes me want to cry, too.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

8,000 Views! :D

  I've reached 8,000 Views!  Yippee!  :D

Monday, January 07, 2013

More Realistic ABBA Drawings

  I finally scanned in my newest realistic ABBA drawings.  Most of them are of Agnetha because she is easy to draw.  Frida has these facial looks which are just very complicated to draw.  :)

The real picture of this drawing is black and white, but I decided to colorize it.  :D

This will always be my favorite picture...  for now.

I also love this drawing.  When I matched it up with the real picture, they were identical!  I'm amazing! ^_^

Guess how many times I actually thought Frida's nose and glasses were sticking out... 

This picture looks a lot better on paper...  I think the scanner is ruining my pictures!  O.o


  Back in the 70s and 80s, many magazines such as VeckoRevyn and Expressen used to always have headlines saying that ABBA were only writing music and releasing albums and such for money.  When ABBA's song "Money Money Money" was released, the press went all overboard that song, saying that ABBA wrote the song because they were "Money Hungry". 

  I've came up with a reason on why ABBA are not money hungry, but the stores and shops and such are.  ;)  Whenever ABBA get money for being on a TV show or whatever they do to get money, the money goes to all four ABBA members and Stig.  Stig later pays Bjorn money for when Bjorn does all his producing work in the studio, and then Bjorn splits his money with Benny.  The money that both of them have gets shared with Agnetha and Frida.  Agnetha and Frida use the money for buying things like food, clothes, toys for their children (even though Agnetha would be the only one doing that...), etc.  So that means that ABBA are not money hungry, but the stores are.  :)  Did that make sense?

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy New Year and Felicided Promo Clips

  A couple of days ago, I was trying to compare both the Felicidad Promo Clip and the Happy New Year Promo Clip.  Hearing two songs at once, one in a different language, is quite hard.  Both videos are almost identical, but there are a few differences.  Here are some of the differences:

  The first time they sing the chorus line in Happy New Year, it shows Frida taking someone's top hat and putting it on her own head.  In Felicidad, it shows the guy who wears the top hat waving it in the air.  Also, the rest of the scenes which are from the "Super Trouper" photo session are different in both clips.

  When Agnetha sings the lines "oh yes, man is a fool, and he thinks he’ll be okay, dragging on feet of clay.  Never knowing he’s astray, keeps on going anyway."  in Felicidad, it shows her still sitting on the couch.  In Happy New Year, it shows she and Frida in their pink and purple suits.

  When they sing the chorus the second time in Felicidad, it shows Agnetha and Frida singing it in their pink and purple suits.  In Happy New Year, it switches between Bjorn and Benny spinning and Agnetha and Frida spinning.

  Another difference is that in Felicidad, you see Bjorn change positions by the window.  And at the end of the video, right before it fades out, you see Bjorn turn to go away.

  Well, I don't blame ABBA for having the promo clips different.  I'm sure it is very hard to do the exact same thing twice, once in English and again in Spanish...  :P

Agnetha Sings with Gary Barlow

  I forgot to write about this before...  :P

  Anyway, Agnetha is going to be singing wit Gary Barlow from Take That (Um, what is that?  Probably a band..)  on her new album.  I believe the album might be called "Fantasy", but I'm not sure where I heard that...  :P