Thursday, April 03, 2014

Everywhere I go... ABBA!!

  Even though I'm a devoted ABBA fan who does everything that has to do with ABBA, sometimes I need a break from my obsession.  But no matter where I go, ABBA is everywhere. 

  First off, before I had even heard of ABBA, I used to see posters for Mamma Mia! the Movie everywhere!  On bus stops, on windows, you name it...  That was the year it came out, so that explains it. 

  And then, I decided to take a small break from ABBA and get into something else because a lot of people are absolutely sick of my talking about my recent ABBA findings and get into Doctor Who.  When I was playing a Doctor Who game on the BBC website, it just happened to mention ABBA.  And then when I got a Doctor Who dictionary book from the library, guess what was the first thing on the list?

  I recently watched the Disney movie "Frozen" and I don't really like it.  I don't like it mainly because it is so popular and all that stuff.  Next thing I know, I find that Idina Menzel was in Chess!  o.O 

  Can I ever escape?  I guess not...   Well, who cares!  I'm an ABBA fan, and an ABBA fan I shall stay!  :P

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