Monday, February 25, 2013

I am behind you, I'll always find you, I am the...


  This is just a funny clip from ABBAGold100's video, "The Making Of The National Commercials".  ;)

  Oh yeah, I finished "Please Play Our Song", so I am now working on "Tiger".  :D

One year of ABBAFan456!

  Exactly one year ago, I created my YouTube account and uploaded my first LEGO ABBA animation ever, "I am an A"!  Congratulations to me!  :D  :D

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy 40th Birthday, Linda Ulvaeus!

  Happy 40th Birthday, Linda!  :D  To celebrate, here are some nice pictures of Linda and family (that includes her children and also her parents.)  ^_^

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ABBA Fan Club event

  There's going to be an ABBA Fan Club event coming up soon in (I think) the Netherlands.  There is no way I'll be going, so if you want to, read more about it here.

ABBA - The Best of Musikladen (Full Thing)

  I happened to be watching my "The Best ABBA Dolls In The World" (I am so self-centered) and happened to see "ABBA - The Best of Musikladen" in the related videos.  I have always wanted to see it, so I've decided to share it with my viewers.  I hope you enjoy it!  :D

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Spela vår sång" Sneak Peek

 Here is a sneak peek of my next animation, "Spela vår sång".  This lovely song with lyrics (I think) by Agnetha and/or Bjorn.  I'm making this animation for her birthday.  Hopefully, I will complete it by Agnetha's birthday.  :)

  By the way, the minifigs playing the instruments are actually my real-life ABBA minifigs.  The one playing the drums is Bjorn, the one with the guitar is Agnetha, the one with the accordion is Frida, and (obviously) the one with the piano is Benny.  :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Anni-Frid Dollstad!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!

  Today is my Frida doll's 2nd birthday!  I've had her for that long, and she hasn't fallen apart yet!  Let's hope that she will last forever.  :D

Sunday, February 17, 2013

ABBA Interactive Timeline

  I've been wanting to post about this interactive timeline, but I keep on forgetting!  :(

  Anyway, this is an interactive timeline made by ABBASite using the Promotional Clips.  It is very interesting to play with...  I wonder how to make one...  :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What would the Girls with the Golden Hair look like with tutus?

  Ever wondered what the Girls (Yes, I mean girls, not girl...  There are two of them...) with the Golden Hair wearing Tutus?  Well, now you have the answer:

(C) ABBAFAn456, 2013
  I think that, even though the costumes came with skirt extensions, Agnetha and Frida's tops originally came with tutus, but their costume designer insisted that the tutus be take off because it made the musical seem that it was a ballet.  Besides, who would dance ballet in boots?!?  :P

A Random Picture I Made

  This is just a random picture I made.  Hope you like it!  :D

New Agnetha Pics

  Finally, some new pictures!  :D  Wow, Agnetha looks so gorgeous! 

She looks just like the did in the 70s and 80s here -  except for her hair.  :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gemini - Just Like That

  I remember coming across this video a while back...  I was very happy to see that ABBA had released "Just Like That" somehow.  They released it through the band Gemini, Karin and Anders Glenmark.  Since I had heard the snippet of "Just Like That" in ABBA Undeleted, I was so excited to hear the full thing...  until I found out that the song was different...  except for the chorus...

  Anyway, in this video, I was also happy to see Bjorn in there - wait a second!  They demoted Bjorn to backup vocalist!  >.<

  Well, here is the video that I wanted to share:

  No offense, but Karin Glenmark gave me nightmares last time I watched a video of Gemini...  :P

  Another comment I want to make is that I think Agnetha sounds better singing "Just Like That".

Monday, February 11, 2013

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Lost Lyrics

  I finally found away to upload "I Do x 5 w/ lost lyrics".  I made it into a video, using the promo clip and repeating some scenes.  I hope you enjoy it!  :D

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Do x 5 Lost Lyrics

I was bored, and since I have the lost lyrics of "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do", I put together this:  The full I Do x 5!  :D

  Unfortunately, since it is a WMA file, I am unable to upload it here...  I'll find a way later.  :)

"Take A Chance On Me" Update

  I finished my "Take A Chance On Me" animation, but I've decided to dedicate it to Bjorn's 68th Birthday, which will be this April 25th, obviously.   :)


  Oh my gosh... just yesterday, I was at 9,920!  Now I'm at 10,025!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!  I remember uploading my 9,000 views celebration... :P

  By the way, I believe this is my 499th post.  One more to go and I'll be at 500 posts!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Hjälp Sökes Premier!

  Tonight the long awaited musical, Hjälp Sökes, also known as Help Wanted, will be opened tonight.  Read more about it here!  :D  It sounds pretty interesting and it is nice to know that Bjorn and Benny worked on it, too.  :)  If only Agnetha and Frida were doing something in it....  Oh well... 

  There is still a chance of a reunion, though, at the opening of ABBA the Museum.  :)  All ABBA members have said that they want to be there at the opening. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Agnetha Dollskog and Bjorn

 This is just a random picture I put together.  :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Did Bjorn Dye His Hair In 1977?

Bjorn's hair color is a light blond, almost like Agnetha's hair.
Bjorn's regular hair color.

  Did Bjorn dye his hair in 1977?  That is a question I want answered.  In 1977, Bjorn's hair color changes from dark blond to regular blond.  :-o  I'm guessing that it is because when they were in Australia, it was very sunny there and Bjorn's hair changes color in the light. 
Bjorn and Peter, two blond boys.

  If that theory is true, than why did Bjorn's hair color never change in 1974 or other years?  Well, I have seen a picture of Bjorn and Peter in 1982 playing guitar in a very sunny area.  Bjorn's hair is blond there, so...

  I also saw a picture of Bjorn from 2012, where is hair is also blond.  I don't think he dyes it, but it is strange.  

Agnetha's hair looks darker

Regular hair color

  I'm very confused about Agnetha's hair, too.  In 1982, Agnetha's hair seems to have turned into a darker blond color, sort of like Bjorn's regular hair color.  Whenever someone asks me about Agnetha's hair changes, I just answer, "It is probably because of the lighting of the picture." 

  Well anyway, I guess these are questions that will never be answered... unless I go to Sweden and ask the ABBA members personally, even though I would probably be kicked off Agnetha's property because I would be trespassing.  :(

Agnetha and Bjorn going jogging

  This is just a cute picture... :)

A snippet of the Press Conference in... Melbourne??

  Here is a snippet of the press conference in... Melbourne?  I have no idea.  :(  Poor Bjorn, getting food poisoning.  :(

  By the way, I only put up this video for the press conference segment, not for the interview with those two girls at the end.  :(  You can just turn it off at 2:03 minutes.

Funny ABBA Pictures :)

Bjorn and a chicken.  :)
Agnetha holding up Bjorn's shirt  :)
Agnetha's foot
Lazy Frida and Bjorn

Agnetha in the trunk from the "I Won't Let You Go" Promo
Frida the fairy in the 1990s.
Benny a tree.  Bjorn:  Get down from there!
Agnetha and Bjorn buying Playmobill in Germany
  And finally....  :)

Agnetha with Agnetha dolls!  Hmm... those dolls sure look familiar.  :)

The One ABBA Member Who Didn't Smoke...

Agnetha smoking (Kind of hard to see because of the white wall.)
  There are many pictures of Benny, Agnetha, and Frida all smoking.  It is sad, but they did.  However, there are very few pictures of Bjorn smoking, and that is because he quit in 1974. 

  Bjorn wasn't really into smoking.  Even though he is the oldest ABBA member, he is also the youngest of the Hootenanny Singers.  The three older members, Tony Rooth, Johan Karlberg, and Hansi Schrawz, all smoked.  Bjorn wasn't interested at all.

  When Bjorn met up with Benny, Frida, and Agnetha, who all smoked, he was kind of influenced.  In 1974, Bjorn decided to try it out, but got tired of it and quit.  The other three ABBA members continued to smoke, sadly.

  I am happy that Bjorn never really got into smoking!  Smoking is an awful thing to do, so congratulations to Bjorn!  :)

  Something that I find strange is that in 1980, Agnetha was promoting "A Non Smoking Generation", even though she was still smoking a lot that year.  Thankfully, she quit smoking in 1985.  :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cat Wars

  This is a little spoof of Star Wars, starring Hello Kitty as Princess Kitty.  :P

New ABBA Drawings + something special ^_^

  Here are my latest ABBA drawings... :)

There is something I did to this picture to cause me to think that Agnetha was sticking out of the paper.  :)

I originally had Bjorn in this picture, but I had to crop him out because he looked like a monster.  All that's left of him is his hand.  :P  Looks kind of gross to have a hand on Agnetha left arm.  :P

This picture of Bjorn, however, looks perfect!  :D

And now for my favorite picture...

  A perfect picture of Princess Leia!  :D

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Another Mashup Video

  I've made another video using many performances of the song "Ring Ring".  :)  Credit to 2Shaymcn and all others who uploaded the videos I used to YouTube.

Benny plays Dancing Queen, 2013

 Here is a lovely video of Benny playing Dancing Queen on the piano this year.  It would sound wonderful if only it had Bjorn's guitar playing and Agnetha and Frida's lovely vocals.  :)

  Something that amuses me is that that guy playing the pipe organ (hmm, the pipe organ with 9,000 pipes?  :P) has to use the notes for the song, while Benny knows the song by heart.  Besides, he, Bjorn, and Stig all wrote it together.   :)