Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/28/16 - a day that I will forever remember!

Today, this arrived in the mail!
Thank you sooo much Gorel Hanser for making this possible and thank you to Benny, Frida, and Bjorn for making my dream come true!  (I can't believe Benny wrote my name!!!! :DDD )

Ted Gardestad - an amazing and talented artist!

For some reason during my early days of ABBA fandom, I never liked any of the other Swedish artists who worked with ABBA, like Lena Anderson, Tomas Ledin, and Ted Gardestad to name a few. 

I've changed a lot since then and recently, since I'd already listened to Lena Anderson's and Tomas Ledin's songs and loved them, I decided to take a quick listen to some of Ted Gardestad's songs.  I was amazed!  I have no idea why I didn't like him at all!  His songs are fantastic, his voice is quite pleasant, and might I mention Agnetha and Frida's backup vocals are heavenly. ;)

My top favorite songs of his at the moment are
1. Sattelit
2. Klöversnoa
3. Hela världen runt
4. Låt kärleken slå rot (I love this one so much - it's got that ABBA sound with the synthesizer, you know?)
5. Come Give Me Love
6. Snurra Du Min Värld

If you haven't listened to any of Ted's songs, then I urge you to go do it!  You won't regret it.  :) 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank goodness to photo editing!

In one of my illustrations for the upcoming The Story of ABBA 2.0, I made a terrible mistake.  When I was halfway through colorizing this illustration, I realized that I hadn't completed the drawing!  Benny's left shoulder and arm were missing!  I would've just added them to the actual physical drawing, only I was halfway through colorizing it, and trust me, colorizing is a very long process!  Instead, I decided to use my photo editing skills.  This is the final result:

Basically all I did was copy Benny's right arm, flip it, rotate it slightly, and put it where the other arm was supposed to be.   And voila, my illustration is complete!  :D

Monday, January 25, 2016

85 years

Today, Stig Anderson would've turned 85.  Happy birthday, Stikkan.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ABBA Reunion - it finally happened!

As far as I know, they didn't sing at all, but the four of them stood together on stage and that is what I call a reunion! ^^

ABBA at Mamma Mia the Party premiere!

All 4 ABBA members are at the Mamma Mia the Party premiere!  How exciting is this?? :DDD
Now all I need is for the four of them to stand together and I will be soooo happy! ^^

Happy 5th birthday, Agnetha Dollskog!

Five years already?  I can't believe it!  Happy birthday, my dear Agnetha doll!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Slightly new blog layout + new poll

I updated the blog's layout slightly, as well as added a new poll for you guys to fill out called "
What would you like to see more of this year?"  :)

Happy new year!!!!