Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Snow Picture

I was bored, so I just put this picture together.  :)

Also speaking of snow, I was watching my animations, and my Soldiers animation was in a snowy climate.  :)

Happy New Year!

  Happy new year, everyone!  :D 
  Both of these videos are my two favorite videos for Happy New Year.  :)  Also, I'll be uploading my Happy New Year animation later today, so stay tuned!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Best ABBA Drawings

 These drawings are my best so far...  :)

When I finished coloring in this picture, I thought that Agnetha was actually sticking out of the paper.


  I've been waiting all year for snow, but now I'm beginning to regret it...  Well anyway, this is basically what I've been doing.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Which Animation Should I Made Next?" Poll Results

  Here are the Poll Results for:
Which Animation Should I Made Next?

Take a Chance on Me
  3 (100%)
Dream World
  3 (100%)
The Name of the Game
  2 (66%)
That's Me
  2 (66%)
My Love, My Life
  2 (66%)
Hey Liley Liley Lo (Hootenanny Singers)
  2 (66%)

 Only 3 people have voted...  This poll wasn't really helpful, but it doesn't matter.  I've already started working on Take A Chance On Me, so here is the first part:  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Its snowing!

Its snowing! Its snowing! Right now, its snowing! I've been waiting so long for it to actually begin to snow because whenever it has snowed the past couple of weeks, it ends up melting. :( We're expecting up to 12 inches of snow. That's enough snow to go sledding! :D

Anyway, I have to celebrate, so here is a duet Agnetha did in 1978 with the Swedish equivalent to Bruce Springsteen, Ulf Lundell. The song is Snön faller och vi med den (Snow falling, and we with it)

Good News!

  Last night, I finally completed Happy New Year, but I won't be uploading it until it becomes the New Year.  :) 

  Also, a couple of days ago, I had sent an email to the International ABBA Fan Club about featuring some of my artwork in their magazine.  They haven't written back yet.  Whenever I get a new email, I get all excited until I find out that it is not from the fan club.  :)  And now, my friends have been sending me emails pretending to be Helga and Anita. 

  This is one of the emails my friends sent me:

-> Dear ABBAfan456,
-> We are glad to hear that there are as many as four hundred and fifty
-> six ABBA fans all over the world!
-> We will be glad to feature your pictures in the magazine!  Anita knows
-> just where to put the Benny and Bjorn pictures.
-> We also remember you. ;)
-> Hasta Manana!  Thank you for the music! Adjö!
-> - Helga
  Well, I wonder if the Fan Club will feature my drawings....  :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Mamma Mia!" - A Disgrace to ABBA Music

  A few minutes ago, I was listening to samples of the Mamma Mia! Movie soundtrack, and I have to say, it is a disgrace to ABBA music.  I never liked Mamma Mia!, and this is one of the reasons why.  These people aren't ABBA, so there's no point in listening to these people ruin ABBA's songs.  If you want to hear ABBA's music, by yourself one of ABBA's albums, and that's all you need.  :)

  If you want to hear these awful, despicable, and disgusting versions of ABBA's songs, listen to them here.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Sad Night For The Ulvaeus Family

Tonight is a very sad night for the Ulvaeus Family.  It was the night when Agnetha stormed out of the house because of too many arguments with Bjorn.  :'(  The following month, they filed for divorce.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Coloring Book + ABBAFan456's Fantasy Duets

  I have decided that I'm going to make a Coloring Book with ABBA pictures.  I've completed one coloring page already.  It'll probably take a long time to complete because it took me forever to make this one...

  Anyway, here is the coloring page I just completed.  I hope you like it!  :D

  Also, I've been making for myself my own little album called "ABBAFan456's Fantasy Duets".  I've been taking a song, like for example, Sunny Girl, performed by both the Hootenanny Singers and the Hep Stars, and putting both versions together to make on Fantasy Duet.  :)  This is the cover I put together.  I hope you like it!  :D

Agnetha and Knoll

  I hope I haven't just offended anybody...


"1978 Black Outfits" Doll Outfits

  I finally got the time to take the pictures off my camera and upload them!  :D

Aren't they pretty?  :D

Agnetha's outfit was fun to make, but impossible to put on!  I made the pants too tight and it took over ten minutes to get them on.  Also, the top of her jumpsuit keeps on falling off!  :-o

Agnetha without her jacket.  I've only seen real Agnetha with her jacket off once, and that was when they were in Japan.  I guess Agnetha didn't like showing everybody that she has only one sleeve.

When I was taking the pictures, Agnetha Dollskog gave herself a new hairstyle.  It's all messy....

Bjorn's outfit looks a lot like the real one!  I feel so proud of myself!  Also, in the first picture, you see that all of my dolls are wearing black boots.  Bjorn didn't need any new boots because, as you know, my doll always wears black boots!  :D

This is really rare because real Bjorn never took off his bolero!  :D

Benny's outfit was very easy!  I figured out how to make buttonholes with the sewing machine, but sewing buttons with the sewing machine I am not a able to do.

Frida's outfit was also simple.  The pants were a little bit tight, but since I had stuffed Frida when I made her with a soft stuffing, her feet were able to get in through the pant legs a lot easier than Agnetha's. 


  This is the video where Agnetha and Frida aren't wearing their jackets so you can see what they look like:

  I'm now working on another set of costumes, so I'll show you a picture of the real outfits:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lovely Story From Mikory's ABBA Blog

  I remember when I first found out about Mikory's ABBA Blog, I came across one of his posts he wrote about when he met ABBA in 1974.  I read it once and couldn't find it every again.  After searching a lot today, I finally came across it using the keyword: "restroom".  :P  (You'll see what I mean.)

  Read it here.

  Bjorn and Benny must have been really grouchy at the time...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Waterloo" Costumes On Display

  ABBA's famous Waterloo Costumes (duh) are up on display in Stockholm Arlanda Airport.  Cool!  They will be their until early next summer.  Too bad I won't be going to Sweden anytime soon....  It doesn't matter, my dolls have costumes, too!  :D

I almost forgot!

I almost forgot that December 4th is Peter's Birthday!  :-o  Well, Happy late 35th Birthday, Peter.  :D

I wanted to make an animation, but I've been so busy with Happy New Year and (at that time) Sunny Girl. 

Anyway, I wanted to use this song, "Pa Sondag" for Peter's birthday, so here it is:


Agnetha's Car

Here are some pictures of Agnetha's car from the late 60s and possibly early 70s.  :)

   This was Agnetha's car in 200?  when it was auctioned.  Oh, how I would love to have her car!  It's so beautiful!  Well, actually I  want a Hummer H1 because I like Hummers...  :P  If I had Agnetha's car, I would just have it for show.  I wouldn't dare to drive her car because I would probably smash it up or something like that.   :P

Monday, December 17, 2012

Frida in Japan: The Squirell

  I decided to take all the parts in the film "ABBA in Japan" where Frida and sometimes the other ABBA members sings the song "The Squirell".  :)


Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Happy New Year" Update + Doll Costumes Update

  As I have posted before, I have 2/4 parts completed.  Right now, I'm stuck in the third part because of my computer lagging up and crashing my LEGO Digital Designer and/or Windows Movie Maker. 

  Anyway, I've decided that I will do either "Dream World" or "Take a Chance on Me" next.  Which one should I do?  I'll put up a pole soon.

  Also, I finished my sewing the black outfits from 1978, so I'll take some pictures real soon.  :)

ABBA Iceskating

  This is my favorite scene from the TV special (???) called "ABBA in Switzerland". Even though Agnetha and Bjorn are divorced, they look very happy together! :D

Happy 66th Birthday, Benny!

Happy 66th Birthday, Benny!  :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ABBA the Museum opening May 7th, 2013!

  The new ABBA museum in Stockholm (I think?)  will be opening May 7th, 2013 - wait, isn't the world supposed to end in 2012?  I guess it isn't ending...  Anyway, read more about here.  :)

My Favorite ABBA pic: "ABBA by ABBA"

  As you all know, I love to draw, so I really enjoy this picture of ABBA's drawings of themselves.  :)

  Just wondering, does Agnetha really look like that?  :P

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rare Dancing Queen Vocal Mix

  This is an awesome vocal mix of Dancing Queen!  I love it!  It's a lot easier to understand what they are saying, plus it is in the original vocal arrangement.  :D

Plus here is one of Chiquitita.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Wacky Tomas Ledin Performance...

 This is a rather odd performance by Tomas Ledin some time during the 80s (I'm guessing 1985) of the song he wrote for Agentha, "Take Good Care of Your Children".  I think that Tomas Ledin does a better job at doing the backup vocals in the song than singing lead vocals...

  In the video, you can find Mats Ronander (ABBA's guitar player) singing as a backup vocalist, another one of ABBA's backup vocalist (the one with the weird nose, no offense) off to Tomas Ledin's right, and the guy wou played keyboards for Agnetha two albums, "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" and "Eyes of a Woman".  ;)  Also, is that guy with the curly blond hair Ted Gardestad?  The guy sort of resembles him...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sunny Girl is up!

  I just uploaded "Sunny Girl" to my channel.  In a few minutes (hopefully) it'll show on the playlist above.  I'm so excited for Benny's birthday!  :D

  Unfortunately, YouTube changed its design again and I had so much trouble finding the "Upload" button.  :P

Happy Birthday, Benny Anderdoll

  I nearly forgot that today is Benny Anderdoll's birthday!  :-o  I was planning on creating a video like I did for Bjorn Uldollus' birthday, but I guess now.  Well, when I send a birthday wish to Benny, I could say that I made a doll of him ten days before his birthday.  :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"Glammy Costumes"

  I said I would upload the pictures soon, didn't I? :D
Pretty, aren't they?


The Sleeves (They took forever to sew!)

Agnetha's cape


I finally figured out how to sew actual sleeves and I learned how to gather.

Frida's tank top.

Frida's cape.


A closeup of Bjorn's shirt.  I drew a little Frida on it.  :)

Bjorn's black jumpsuit.  (No closeup needed.)  ;P


Benny for the first time got a pair of boots of his own.  ;)

Benny's jacket.  I made it with fleece.   
  By the way, all the buttons and button holes on the capes and the jacket above were all sewn by hand.  d:D