Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!  :D  Yeah, I know I said there wasn't going to be any new animations in 2014, but a thought came to me last night on another "Happy New Year" animation, so here it is.  :P  It's very short, but at least it's an animation.  :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"1865" Sample

Listen to a sample of Frida's and Dan Daniell's new song "1865" here!  Frida's voice sounds FANTASTIC!  Way to go Frida!  :D

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Live Album?

No I haven't just announced or created a rumor that there will be another live album coming out.  I'm just theorizing.  :P

Not that I'm disappointed with the recent ABBA Live at Wembley Arena album at all, I'm just wondering if ABBA will be releasing yet another live album, only this time containing audio from their 1977 tour.  They just seemed happier then (not saying that they weren't happy at all during the world tour) and I kinda prefer the song selection from the 1977 tour.   I understand if Bjorn and Benny are a bit embarrassed over the Girl with the Golden Hair and all that stuff, but maybe it'd be nice to officially release "Get On the Carousel" for the first time?  Come on, you did it with "I'm Still Alive".  :P

I'm a bit scared that there won't be many new releases coming 2015 because they have just completed the entirety of the Deluxe Edition CDs and some people might be getting annoyed with the re-releases of ABBA Gold  (I don't think that's true, though, I'm just making that up.  :P  Let's hope no one gets tired of ABBA Gold.) 

Or maybe they'd do something even cooler: Release the entire concert footage from either one of the 1977 concerts or the 1979 concerts!  Hopefully they still have those somewhere.  :P 

Even better: Maybe they can release "Just Like That" officially for the first time!  It is such a beautiful song, and in my opinion, the Gemini version is stupid.  Same for the demo that Elaine Paige sang.  Agnetha's voice suits the song better and the original lyrics are a lot better.

Or maybe (this will probably never, ever, ever happen unfortunately) ABBA will decide that since they don't have any new material, they should get together and make more material!  :D  Too bad that'll never happen.  :(

Let's just hope that 2015 will come and go with tons of new and awesome releases from our four wonderful Swedes.  :P

Happy new year, viewers!
-- Becky/ABBAFan456

Friday, December 26, 2014

No new animation :(

I deeply apologize that I haven't gotten around to doing any new animations since "Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother".  I've just been so busy that I haven't gotten around to even starting up LDD to work on "Suzy-Hang-Around".  I can't even do another "Happy New Year" animation for the new year which is just around the corner.  :S  I have no idea what I'm going to do, but as soon as I can, I'm going to continue working on my animation.  :) For now, you can enjoy my old "Happy New Year" animation.  :P

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I draw all night, I draw all day - and there are no bills I have to pay.  Ain't it sad?  No, not at all.  :P
And no matter what, there's not even a single penny left for me...  That's too bad.

I really should sell my artwork someday.  :P  This is a completely random post, BTW.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy 68th Birthday, Benny!

Whoohoo!  :D  Two more years to go and you'll be 70...  :P  Hip hip hooray!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Happy 37th Birthday, Peter!

Every year I forget this, but this time I'll make sure I won't.  Happy 37th Birthday, Christian Peter Ulvaeus!  :D  I am celebrating by listening to Peter and Agnetha's children's album.  :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Send birthday wishes to Benny! :D

The 16th marks Benny's 69th birthday!  You can now send birthday wishes to Benny here! :D

Monday, December 01, 2014

I can use color pencils again. :P

You probably haven't noticed because I never said anything about it, but I stopped using color pencils.  The reason why?  Well, it was getting too hard and I was losing my patience with color pencils.  The last picture I did which was of Black Widow really wore me down so much that I decided that from now on, I won't use color pencils and use other means of coloring from then on.  Thankfully I found graphite pencils or I wouldn't be drawing anymore.  Anyway, two days ago I found a picture of Billie Piper that I felt would look good to draw, but the problem is, I didn't want to do them with graphite pencils because it wouldn't look good black and white.  So I decided to take my chances and try to use color pencils once more - this time using a new technique I learned in my art class.  Here it is - a beautiful portrait of Billie Piper drawn by moi.  :P
Watcha think?  :)  When I showed it to my friends and family, though, some of them didn't seem to like it very much but I still think it's one of my best.  Why do my Billie Piper pictures always come out so awesome...?  :P