Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July - Doll Pictures

Happy 4th of July!

Here are the newest outfits I've made for my dolls.  I've taken many pictures - including three pictures with a special doll - you'll find out who it is soon. :)

A Group Shot

 Another Group Shot

Full-sized Bjorn

Close-up on Bjorn

Bjorn's cape (It's sewn into the back of his clothes.)

 A full-sized Agnetha

A close-up on Agnetha

Full-sized Frida (What on earth happened to her hair?!?)

A close-up on Frida

The close-up on the front of Frida's jumpsuit.

Frida's wig.  (That was very hard to make, but I completed it within two hours and with my favorite ABBA songs playing.)

 Another view of Frida's wig. (I nick-named it Bridgette.)

A full-sized Benny.

A close-up on Benny.

The feather on Benny's shirt.  (That's a feather from my father's parrot.)

And now for Mara Jade, my favorite character from the Expanded Universe Star Wars books!  I made Princess Leia too, but her hairs falling off.  I hope to sew Luke Skywalker soon.  :)

 A close-up on Mara.  She's the only one of my dolls that has a realistic face.  :)

Another group shot.





Lazy Dolls

Another Group Shot

A Group shot with Mara and Sammi