Thursday, July 05, 2012

Funny Screenshots from ABBA in Japan

While watching ABBA in Japan yesterday, I took some funny screenshots that I decided to share with you!

Is Bjorn camera shy, or is he smelling something...smelly...

I am the girl with the golden confetti beard!

 Benny, looking extremely tickled, after a piece of confetti falls down his shirt. :P

For some weird reason, all the confetti that landed on Bjorn's hair seemed to fall off every time he moved.  One of them, though, managed to stay on.  I always thought his hair looked like butter...

Agnetha with confetti hair.  (Now it's really golden!  No need for those silly wigs!)

Agnetha grew in another golden beard.  She really needs to shave... ;)

I hope you liked them!