Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ABBA Doll Flightsuits + New Dolls :)

Here are some pictures of the new flightsuits I made for my ABBA dolls.
There are also some pictures of my new dolls, which you'll find out the names of soon.

A group shot.

Closeup of the picture above.

Full-sized Bjorn.

A closeup on Bjorn.

Full-sized Agnetha.

 Closeup on Agnetha.

Full-sized Frida.

Closeup on Frida

Full-sized Benny

Closeup on Benny

Lucy from the I Love Lucy show!  Everyone loves Lucy.  :)

Closeup of Lucy.

Saavik, the Vulcan girl from the Star Trek movies.  I made Saavik for a friend of mine.

Closeup on Saavik.  She does have Vulcan ears, they're just hard to see behind her hair.