Friday, July 13, 2012


While playing around with different ways to write Frida's name, I added a "y" to the end of Frida's name, and I got Friday.  So now, every Friday (hopefully) I'm going to have a post with many Frida pictures.  :)

In this post, Frida's going to tell a story about her hair.  ;)

One day in Sweden...

ABBA: We can fly!  We can fly!
Bjorn:  I can fly higher than you!
Benny:  I'm catching up...
Frida:  Ouch!  I fell!

Frida:  Ooh, my hair got messed up!
Agnetha:  My hair stayed the same...

Frida:  Hey Bjorn, would you do me a favor and get off my hair spray?  I need to fix my hair...
Bjorn:  Nope.
Benny:  Maybe I could find a way to get it...
Bjorn:  Nope.
Agnetha:  I'll block the way so that nobody can steal Bjorn's chair.
Bjorn:  Nope.
Agnetha:  What is your problem?!?
Bjorn:  Nope.

Frida: I guess I'll try and use this ice cream to fix my hair.
Agnetha:  Frida, Ice Cream is for eating, not for fixing hair.

Frida: Maybe this hood will fix it...

Frida:  Will this cat help?

Frida:  Aha!  This will do... Not.

Frida:  Does this look good...?

Frida:  I'll have to think of some other way to fix my hair...

Frida:  I think this microphone will help...

Frida:  This hair is a bit... lopsided.

Frida:  Red hair looks nice...

Frida:  What about blond?

Agnetha:  Nope, you cannot have my hair.

Frida:  I think I'll cut it...

Frida:  ... and I think I'll dye it too!  Hey Agnetha. you should get hair like mine!

Agnetha:  Actually, I think I'll curl it.  It looks nicer that way.

Frida:  Maybe if I get stuck in these steps between Bjorn and Agnetha, my hair will get fixed-!

Frida:  I know, Zappa can zap it-

Frida:  Never mind. I'll keep it this way.