Friday, July 13, 2012

ABBA Fact Files

While looking through my ABBA Pictures, I found this one called "Fact Files".  There are a few things in it that are wrong, but I'll point them out later.


1) Agnetha DOES have a sister.  Her name is Mona and she was really, really, cute as a baby.

2) Benny's hair color isn't the same as Bjorn's!  His eyes are a greenish-bluish color!  Not just blue!  There can't be three blondes with blue eyes in the group!

3)  Frida's hair wasn't always red.  It was sometimes brown and blond!  Why can't they say her hair is "Undefined"?!?  ;P

4)  I thought Agnetha's favorite was "Fernando", Frida's "All of them", Benny's "Chiquitita" and Bjorn's "The Winner Takes It All".  That's what they said on "The Late Late Breakfast Show".  I guess their favorites change over time...

5)  I thought Bjorn liked to jog!  Agnetha's not the only one.

6)  Benny's name is Goran Bror, nor Bror Goran.

7)  The ABBA Members did have pets:  Benny and Frida had a dog named Zappa, Agnetha and Bjorn had a dog named Ada, Bjorn later on had a pet collie, and Agnetha had a Leonberger named Hampus.

8) Björn owned a Lexus 600 and Benny had a Porsche Cayenne.