Saturday, May 19, 2012

"New Outfits"

  Hi everyone!  This is a post from Agnetha Dollskog.  You know, Agnetha the doll?  To the left is my profile picture!  It was scanned in on the scanner!  I think it's better quality than the pictures taken with the camera!  Bjorn doesn't agree with me, though.

  Anyway, ABBAFan456 just made us ABBA dolls new outfits with our names on them!  Unfortunately, ABBAFan456 misspelled my name.  She wrote Agneta instead of Agnetha.  Maybe it's because I've been trying to tell her that my name pronounced Agnetha (An-Ye-Ta), not Agnetha (Ag-Nay-Tha).  I don't really mind the misspelling because then people will actually say my name right!

  Bjorn, Benny, and Anni-Frid got matching outfits with their names at the front.  Because Bjorn's name has two dots above the O, I keep on thinking it's screaming!

  ABBAFan456 also made me a nice below-the-knee white skirt with a matching jacket which ties at the front.  At the back of my shirt their is the letter A made of rhinestones.  It took forever to iron them on because they wouldn't stick.

  I also got this nice red hairband!  Unfortunately, I lost it today.  It looked a bit like the hairband I wore in 1982.  Wait a second, how am I supposed to know what it was like in 1982?  ABBAFan456 said I'm seven years old.  I feel like I'm 67 years old.  Besides, on the Hasta Manana  video ABBAFan456 made for my birthday, it said that I was turning 67.  I'm so confused now.

  Frida also lost her clip on bangs!  Why is everything disappearing?  Speaking of disappearing, a few weeks ago, Linda (my daughter who seems to have come from the future) disappeared and we couldn't find her.  ABBAFan456 finally found her sitting under one of the couch cushions.  Linda was lying down there with her hands under her head as if she didn't do anything wrong.

  Peter also disappeared and was found in another couch cushion.  So many weird things are going on, ABBAFan456 is convinced that we're alive (don't tell anyone, but we actually are alive.  Or else how would I be writing this?) and that we're sneaking around the house in the middle of the night.

  I've got to stop writing now because ABBAFan456 is walking over, and I don't want to get caught.

-- Agnetha (pronounced An-Ye-Ta) Dollskog