Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Outfits Pictures

Here are some pictures I took of the ABBA dolls in their newest outfits.  I call them the "ABBAFan456 Outfits".  I hope you like them!

A group shot.

A closeup of the picture above this one.

 Another group shot.

The front of Agnetha's shirt.  (Agnetha is misspelled.)

Bjorn's shirt

Benny's shirt.

Frida's shirt - actually, it's Anni-Frid's shirt.

The back of their shirts.





"When I was five, I held onto Mamma's skirt..." - Agnetha Faltskog, When I Was Five

Frida without her vest

Frida with her vest.

Agnetha without her jacket.

Agnetha with her jacket, doing a wacky dance.

Benny without his jacket.

"A Benny Generation!" (A play on the picture Agnetha did for "A Non-Smoking Generation").

Bjorn without his suspenders.

Bjorn with his suspenders.

"I'm not wearing it.  ABBAFan456 dropped chocolate on it." - Bjorn
"Don't be a brat.  It has your name on it, you know." - Agnetha

All finished!