Monday, May 21, 2012

"My Hairband"

  Hi everyone!  I've noticed that I'm the only doll posting these days...  Well, Bjorn did post once.  Anyway, this is Agnetha Dollskog again.  Do you like my new picture?  This picture and a bunch of others taken on the same day were taken at the beginning of April.  They were stuck on the camera for a while because I wasn't able to sneak past ABBAFan456 and get the pictures off.  I'll get them uploaded (hopefully) today.

 ABBAFan456 just made me another hairband because my other one got lost with Frida's clip-on bangs.  Well, they were made of the same type of yarn....

  That's all that I've got to say today!
-- Agnetha (pronounced An-Ye-Ta) Dollskog