Monday, April 01, 2019

7th Blog Anniversary

So besides being April Fools day, April1st is also the day I created my blog. 7 years ago today, I set up ABBAFan456's blog.  The main purpose of the blog I think was to share drawings, and with Agnetha's birthday coming up just a couple of days after, I wanted to share a drawing I did for a birthday.  But seeing as I had just created my ABBA dolls, I decided to share them as my first ever blog post.

Normally to celebrate my blog anniversary, I switch up my blog theme, and also I wanted to share photos of my collection it has since expanded since the last time I took photos of all my items last year.  Unfortunately, I got hit with a cold which is why I haven't done of any of those things yet.  It doesn't mean I won't, it just means it's being delayed, haha.  Honestly I quite like my current blog theme so I don't necessarily have to change it, just I've been doing it for a long time so I will get around to doing it eventually. 

Anyways, expect a new theme maybe this week or next and hopefully I should be able to take a photo of all my ABBA things soon as well.  Until then, happy 7th anniversary to me. :)

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