Tuesday, April 16, 2019

6k Subscribers

(I meant to post this two days ago but I forgot, whoops!)

Two months ago my YouTube channel reached 5,000 subscribers which is absolutely amazing.  Just a couple of days ago, my channel went up to 6,000 (more like 6,052 at this point)!  I am just so surprised, amazed, honored that there are so many people who subscribe to my channel.  I get so many notifications every day because so many people subscribe to me on a daily basis.  It's crazy and I am just so thankful to everyone for subscribing to me.

At the end of all my videos, I never tell anyone to "hit that subscribe button" or "click the notification bell" (not that there is anything wrong with people who do say that) because I don't like telling people what to do and make them do things that they don't have a requirement to do.  My YouTube channel is just something I do in my free time - I make random videos, some that analyze ABBA's songs, some compilations, and also some non-ABBA sings like drawing videos and other singers I'm into, and the fact that people enjoy it and want to see more makes me really happy. 

So thank you so much for subscribing and enjoying my content.  I really appreciate it.

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