Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My Entire Collection

It took me just over a week, but I finally got around to writing this post. :D  As I like to do whenever my blog anniversary comes around, I wanted to share my entire, updated ABBA collection.

Starting off is the great wall of ABBA, aka my bedroom wall with three huge posters pinned to them, haha.  (Also are a bunch of taped up printouts that I've had on my wall for years!)
The Story of ABBA for Young Readers, both cover versions.
And of course let's not forget my book's predecessor, the original Story of ABBA for Young Readers. :P

And here is my only magazine, ABBA Intermezzo from Winter 2014. 

Still can't believe that my book made it into the magazine!

My big book collection, the official photo book, ABBA the Treasures, and ABBA the Scrapbook.
Pop Story and ABBA by Calvero, two amazing books gifted to me by my best friend, Eleonore. :D

My growing CD collection.  The newest addition being Ring Ring, that was given to me for my birthday.

A couple of the miscellaneous things from ABBA the Museum.  The bag, lanyard and VIP tag, as well as the Pop House pencils were given to me by Eleonore.

And my Record Collection.

Since last year, I've gotten two new records, bringing my collection to 5 records.  (Maybe I'll someday be able to get all of ABBA's albums in record format?)

And my most prized possessions, ABBA's autographs.  Still can't believe I actually have all four of their autographs. :O  It amazes me every time I look at them.
And last but certainly not least, my ABBA dolls. :)
Also to make things a little easier for me in the future, I've also created a new page for my collection.  I've wanted to make a collection page since forever, but only got around to creating it now. I'm certainly not trying to brag about my things, and if you want to, go and check it out here. :)

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