Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Super-per Trouper-per

This is actually really funny. The day after I took pictures of my whole collection, I stopped by Goodwill and decided to randomly look through the record selection that they have.  Normally I never do that since whenever I go to Goodwill I'm more interested in looking for nice clothes and toy ducks.  :P  (I have a slight obsession with ducks if you didn't notice, haha.)  Since there were no ducks and I already have too many clothes, I decided to check out the records and what do I find: Super Trouper.  :O  So of course I grabbed it and brought it home.  And even better, it was only $2!  Talk about my lucky day! :D

Also later that day I played it on my dad's record player, and the audio is sooo clear!  Of course  CD audio is clear as well, but there's something so unique and special about listening to it straight from the record.  :')  I never expected to get Super Trouper next in my collection (it's not one of my favorite albums, shhhhhh...), but I am so happy with it, and hey, now I have 4 ABBA albums on record and they're in order too: The Album, Greatest Hits Vol.2, Voulez-Vous, and Super Trouper. :D

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