Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Unlocking the Neon Tutu!!!!

  More #OneWebkinzWorld news.  :P  Anyway, Webkinz just told us another way of getting the rest of  the Neon Tutu recipe and they've also extended the deadline to August 9th!  Yahoo!!  :D

2nd Neon Tutu Item Unlocked PLUS New Webkinz Newz Goal!
August 5st, 5:13 PM

Congrats to the community for reaching 1000 subscribers on our NEW YouTube Channel! You did so well hitting 1000 that we’ve now unlocked the SECOND Neon Tutu ingredient for you to enjoy during Play Days.

“What about that third ingredient, though?” you ask? While we encourage the community to keep subscribing to the YouTube Channel by clicking here (you get access to so many awesome Webkinz videos, it’s great!), we also want you to get that third Neon Tutu ingredient. Why? Because it’s more fun!

Along with reaching 2000 YouTube subscribers, here’s another way you can unlock the third Neon Tutu ingredient:

  1. Go to the #OneWebkinzWorld “Stories We Love” article by clicking here.
  2. Tell us your favorite #OneWebkinzWorld memory in the comment section (please only one memory per person. Any non-memory-related comments will not be approved by moderators).
  3. If we get 500 memories by Aug. 9, you’ll unlock the third Neon Tutu ingredient!

Whichever milestone is reached first – 2000 YouTube subscribers or 500 #OWW memories – will unlock the third ingredient.

We can’t wait to read about your #OneWebkinzWorld memories. Good luck!
    This is for people on WebkinzNewz though, but I'm sure we'll make it on time!  ^_^

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