Friday, August 01, 2014

Deadline Extended

Whoohooo!!! :D  Webknz extended the deadline from August 1st t August 7th, which means more time to get 2000 subscribers on youtube!  Come on, guys!  Keep on subscribing.  ;)  Oh yeah, and we got the facebook challenge completed.  Yay!!!

You guys are probably thinking, "Since when did this ABBA blog turn into a Webkinz blog?  The past four posts are completely about Webkinz.  What happened here?"  Well, sorry about that.  I just LOVE Webkinz.  I'm still an ABBA fan, don't worry.  And once #OneWebkinzWorld is over, I'll probably return to my normal ABBA maniac self.  :P 

To make you guys happy, here is an ABBA picture.  :P  Yay!

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