Friday, August 01, 2014

Determined to collect eveything Wacky

Now I don't mean wacky as in wacky things that look really weird.  :P  I mean this little guy.  Or more like these little guys.
  Wacky is this little yellow thingy called a Zingoz from Webkinz.  Starting today is the Wacky Zingoz celebration!!  :D  An you can win several prizes from paying several of the Wacky themed games in the Arcade.  One of them is to get 11500 points or more from playing this game WackyEr Zingoz which takes an awfully long time.  I've already gotten one of the four prizes that can be one, but I want them all.  Why?  Well, for my Wacky Room.  I'm trying to collect everything Wacky or Zingoz related and put it all in a room.  :P  I'm weird.  :P

469 out of 11500.  o.O

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