Friday, May 17, 2013

Why do people hate Bjorn?!?

~Warning!~  This is one of ABBAFan456's many rants.  :P

I just came across and watched this video and saw how horrible people talk of Bjorn.  It's horrible!

I don't understand why this guy is saying that Bjorn always had horrible hair, horrible clothes and all!  I once read on an article that Bjorn and Benny didn't care for make up and looking good and all.  Compared to the girls, they would probably look bad, but so what?!?  They don't have to be all dressed and everything.  They can look however they want.

I personally like the song "Two For The Price Of One".  Well, I don't like the demo for it but it's catchy.  :P 

Anyway, I positively hate people who hate any ABBA member, that includes Bjorn, so I've got something to say to a really big Bjorn fan:

  Way to go, SadLookinMoon!  ^_^