Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bjorn and Benny "The Beards"

  Ever wondered why Bjorn grew in a beard at the end of 1981?  Well, that's a question that Bjorn never really answered.  Now, you're going to learn one reason why....

  Bjorn and Benny were working on another album kind of like their first album together, "Lycka".  Since ABBA was obviously ending, the boys decided to start a group called "The Beards".  They were both going to grow in beards and perform on stage together.

  The songs on the album were just going to be ABBA's songs featuring Bjorn or Benny or both on vocals.  However, their album was never released because they decided that making a musical with Tim Rice was far more interesting.

  By the way, this is all fake...  ^_^  Just a bit of fun!  I hope I haven't confused anyone.  ;)