Monday, May 13, 2013

Did Agnetha really go into hiding for 30 years? + Other complaints :P

  On all the interviews, magazines, and TV interviews I've seen about Agnetha and her return, everyone says that Agnetha went into hiding for 30 years following ABBA's split.  Now that doesn't make sense.  If I understand them correctly, they are trying to say that there was no such album as "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" or "Eyes of a Woman" or "I Stand Alone" or "My Coloring Book".  That also means that Agnetha did not work with Ola H√•kansson and perform "The Way You Are" and "Fly Like The Eagle" together.

  I guess that the people who say that are just trying to get attention with whatever they are doing.  The first time I saw the thing about "30 Years" was on that Australian TV special about Agnetha.  Another thing that I don't understand is that on the commercial, they were talking about a picture that was never released to the public.  When I saw that part of the TV special, it turned out that the pictures that the woman (Sorry, forgot her name) was showing pictures of Bjorn that have actually been released to the public.

  The pictures were of ABBA's first act together in 1970 as Festfolk, performing and all.  I've seen those pictures before several times and I even have them on my computer!  I even have the picture of Bjorn and Benny playing as little boys... just I forgot where I put them.

  It's obvious that the Australian TV special was just trying to get attention and all.  I've only got one thing to thank them about:  They got Agnetha to sing ABBA songs!  :)