Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to sew an ABBA-doll-sized Kimono

While sewing some updated versions of the Kimonos that ABBA wore many times on performances in 1976, I decided to take some pictures of how I sewed the doll clothes.  Sewing is really simple.

First, I pin the pattern to the fabric.

I cut out the fabric around the pattern with my "Pizza Cutter".  (See the pink pizza-cutter like thing.)

Since, I folded the fabric over, I get two pieces of pattern.

Now I cut down the middle of one piece of fabric.

 I now pin them together again.

I'm now going to cut out three more Kimonos.

After cutting them all out, I have four Kimonos.

So that I know whose is whose, I labeled the Kimonos.

I've now labeled all the outfits.

Now I take two of the Kimonos (Bjorn and Benny's)

and I cut off the bottoms. (I've done a lot of studying with all the pictures I have.)

Now I hem all the areas were there will be openings, like the bottom, the sleeves, and the shirt collars.

This is what it looks like after it's hemmed.

Now I've complete Agnetha's Kimono.

I've completed all the Kimonos and now all I need to do is draw in the patterns with my Gel-Ink pen and paint in the colors.

All finished and all the dolls.

Wow, all the heights are wrong - except for Bjorn.  Benny is supposed to be Bjorn's height, Agnetha's supposed to be the shortest, and Frida's supposed to be the same height as the boys.  :P

Bjorn's belt.

Benny's belt.

Frida's belt (and my fingers all the way at the bottom of the picture).

Agnetha's belt (and my finger again, all the way at the bottom.)

Agnetha's flowers (done with Glitter Pens).

The flap at the side of Agnetha's kimono.

Bjorn's palmtree leaves.

The flap at the side of Bjorn's kimono.

Benny's flower-like thingies.

The flap at the side of Benny's kimono.

Frida's flowers (done with Glitter Pens).

The flap at the side of Frida's Kimono.

Full-sized Agnetha.


Full-sized Bjorn.

Close-up on Bjorn.  (If you look closely, Bjorn has a Banana stain on his right cheek and his face was inked in again.)

Full-sized Benny

Closeup on Benny.

I once watched a video called "Thank You For The Costumes" by ABBA's costume designer.  He said that Benny's Kimono was the only one with a pattern at the back because Benny usually had his back to the camera (like he's showing us right now.)

A full-sized Frida.

A close up on Frida.

A group shot.