Thursday, June 21, 2012

Custom-Made Bjorn Ulvaeus Paper Doll

Here is a paper doll I designed on Microsoft Paint.  The Bjorn paper doll is the same size as the Agnetha one I had posted a while ago, so you can mix and match their outfits.  (I wouldn't give Bjorn Agnetha's clothes or the other way around.  they would look really weird.)

The Bjorn paper doll comes with the Waterloo costume that he wore at the Eurovision Song Contest, his overalls that he wore when Agnetha and Frida would wear their Cat Dresses, and clothes for going out on a jog.  There is also a guitar and a head with a beard and mustache because Bjorn grew in a beard and  mustache in late 1981.

The Bjorn paper doll doesn't really look like the real person, but it's good enough.  :)