Tuesday, June 05, 2012

ABBA's Outdoor Adventures - part 3

Here is the third part of ABBA's Outdoor Adventures!  I'm sorry that it took so long with these pictures to come out.  I know Agnetha Dollskog wanted to upload these pictures, but she didn't get any chance to.  :)

Agnetha in her new orange dress and boots!

Agnetha on a tree!
"Why am I always getting stuck on these?"

"I'm so lazy..."

"A dandelion."

"My dandelion, not yours."

Upside down!

"What funny hair styles we have."

"Let's go for a ride!"

"Finally, the whole chair to myself!"

"Did they have to come on?"

Benny in the thermometer.

Now look who's in the tree...

Now they're all  in the tree!

"How hot is out?"

Lazy dolls.

Doll feet.

A nice bench.

Introducing Sammi, one of the many dolls I have made.

Agnetha and Sammi.

Bjorn and Sammi.

Benny and Sammi.

Frida and Sammi.

Sammi in a tree.

Agnetha, Sammi, and Frida in a tree.

More lazy dolls....


The dolls in the tree - again.

Sammi and her purple flowers!