Monday, August 15, 2016

The Way Old Friends Do - a Tale of Two ABBA Fans

We met just about two and a half years ago, just before the 40th Anniversary of Waterloo.  Eleonore and I were both making animations to celebrate the 40th Anniversary.  A simple comment on my YouTube channel is what began this wonderful friendship between ABBAFan Seventies and ABBAFan456.  Eleonore and I started talking ever since, and this summer, we got to meet for the first time in real life!
ABBA meeting ABBA!  Eleonore's ABBA Minifigs (left) and my ABBA minifigs (right).
Eleonore also gave me some wonderful gifts that I shall cherish forever!
A big box of goodies!
This ABBAsolutely fantastic poster from ABBA the Museum!  I love it so much!!

Some flyers from ABBA the Museum, Mamma Mia the Party, and Pop House, three ABBA the Museum bags, two pencils (that didn't show up in the picture for some reason???), a newspaper from Mamma Mia the party, an Official International ABBA Fan Club postcard, and three wonderful albums: Kristina live at Carnegie Hall, Story of a Heart, and the Arrival Deluxe Edition!  (I'm listening to Arrival right now as I'm writing this. :D )
And a VIP pass from the ABBA Fan Day. (sorry for the bad quality picture!)
She also got me Bjorn's Pop story and a book about the photos taken by Torbjorn Calvero, I just forgot to take pictures of them. :)  I absolutely love these gifts.  Thank you sooo much Eleonore!!

I also gave Eleonore some gifts as well: homemade ABBA dolls that are matching to mine, a copy o The Story of ABBA 1.0, as well as Bjorn, Benny, and Frida's autographs.  :)  That's right!  When I got their autographs for myself from Gorel, I made sure to get a set for Eleonore, too!
Eleonore's dolls and Legos together with mine! :D
Some pictures I had taken before hand of the dolls and the autographs.  I'll do a detailed post on how I made the dolls on Sew Amazing later. :)

Eleonore and I had such a great time together!  This will definitely be a memory that I will never forget.  Thank you, Eleonore, so much for everything!!

Also, if not for Eleonore, I wouldn't have been able to complete my 1977 gold costumes for my dolls.  When she went to ABBA the Museum the first time, she took some pictures of the back of Bjorn and Benny's costumes.  Thank you for that, as well! :D
So yeah, this is the story of our friendship.  I'm so happy to have a friend like Eleonore.  Best friends forever!! :D

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