Wednesday, March 30, 2016

4th time's the charm

Everyone knows this picture of ABBA.  It's one of their most popular images and the cat dresses are some of their most popular costumes.  As it is one of my favorite pictures, I've tried drawing it numerous of times. 

The first time was when I had first started drawing ABBA pictures.  Look how horrible they look:

 Second time was on MS Paint.  It didn't look so bad, but ABBA have bubble heads. :/
Third time was drawn by hand and colorized with Ribbet which explains the pale colors.

 And now, I've drawn this picture a fourth time for The Story of ABBA 2.0.  This one definitely has to be the best of all my attempts. :)


  1. I drew all the members of abba like animes they will be on my blog today or tomorrow

  2. I am planning to start another blog to move non related ABBA stuff like new dolls drawings other fandoms how do you design a header I think I can make myself one.

    1. I create headers by firstly taking the dimensions of the size of the header, creating an image on Ribbet of the same dimensions, and going from there. Hope this helps. :)


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