Monday, July 13, 2015

The things tribute bands always get wrong

Yeah, another anti-tribute bands post...  Sorry, I just can't stand it when tribute bands get everything wrong.  Please note that I'm not bashing any particular tribute band, I'm just speaking about them in general.

1. The Kimonos.

 Every single tribute band I see videos/pictures of, they always get the kimonos wrong.  Hello, ABBA wear pants with their kimonos.  Please don't try and mix the kimonos with the cat dresses - they're two separate costumes. :\  Sometimes they even get the colors of the kimonos wrong...  

2. What on earth are these?

I don't know where these outfits came from, but ABBA never wore them.  I believe these costumes first originated when Bjorn Again first started, as can be seen in their video for the song "Stop".  Now, almost every single tribute band has these outfits, sometimes with frilly skirts or pleated skirts.  Maybe they're based off the Mamma Mia! costumes (which I find to be super outrageous), but ABBA is not the same as Mamma Mia!....

3. Money Money Money

Whenever tribute bands sing Money Money Money, they always put on these fedoras and overcoats, and I don't know why they do it.  So that they look like gangsters or something?  ABBA never did that, so why are they..?  Okay, I've said this a million times: They're trying to give ABBA their own personal touch, but it'd be nice if they tried to do an authentic show...  :S

4. Those ridiculous "Swedish" accents.

I can't stand it when tribute bands do those ridiculous "Swedish" accents.  They sound... ridiculous.  ABBA didn't talk like that.  Swedish accents don't sound like that.  Just... ditch those stupid accents.  Please.  ABBA talked in their normal accents, you can too. 

There is tons more to talk about with all the things tribute bands get wrong and everything, but my hands are tired from typing, so...  :\

Before I end this post, just a little shoutout to ABBA the Show!  They wear pants with their kimonos! :D


  1. Hi there! Thanks for mentioning these terrible mistakes so often made by cover bands. You're right, they all wear their Kimonos without trousers, except Katja & Camilla from ABBA the Show, but I wonder where they copied the flower designs from?!? One very often mistake I could notice is the boots, together with the cat dresses they always use mid-calf boots or high heels rather than the over-the-knie boots with their wider squarish disco heels. I personally have made several ABBA outfit replicas and I've tried to make them as precise as possible. You can have a look at

    1. Thank you so much. :) I've noticed that about the boots as well. I seriously don't understand what's up with these tribute artists... Anyways, your replicas are absolutely fantastic! :D They look just like the actual costumes and even better than my doll replica costumes! ^^ I love them sooooooo much!!!!!!

    2. Thank you! :-))


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