Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ABBA fanfictions? No way!

Something I really can't stand, besides tribute bands, is ABBA fanfictions.  Seriously, ABBA fanfictions?!  I wrote one once (and it was terrible), but I can't stand it.  Fanfictions about real people in general bother me.  Why write stories about real people when it obviously didn't happen? 

I saw a fanfiction today (I didn't read it) about Frida and Agnetha... talking blechy stuff about B&B and I was just like, WHAT?!?  ABBA weren't like that.  They weren't dirty people who talked dirty stuff.  Agnetha and Frida may have been really good friends but I don't think they'd talk to each other about that sort of stuff...

Another fanfiction I had seen was about how Agnetha and Frida hated each other and how they'd always fight.  I've seen a few articles about how they'd hate each other, but I don't think that ever happened.

And there are numerous other fanfictions, some of which are cute like if Benny and Frida had a child.

Okay, they're fan fictions.  But please, don't write them about ABBA. 

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