Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Head over HEALED

  Okay, yeah, nonsensical title, but my finger is all healed - well, almost healed.  I've got this white-piece-of-skin-that-feels-like-a-bubble-but-it-isn't on the tip of my finger that hurts only a little bit when I touch things with it, but it's such a minor pain that it doesn't hurt me.  Anyways, this means I can draw again!  Yippee! 

  In case I didn't explain, I burnt my finger a few weeks ago while baking cookies and it's prevented me from working on illustrations of The Story of ABBA for young readers.  (And guess what I did today to celebrate that my finger is all healed: I baked more cookies. :P )  So, time to start illustrating!! :D

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