Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Bjorn Identity

  Even though I happen to terribly dislike tribute bands - mainly because they always have to focus on the As' behinds and they always get the costumes wrong and all of them say that they are the best ever which they are not - I happen to really enjoy this one, The Bjorn Identity.  They're a cute little bunch, they look okay (their wigs could be a better), but they got the kimonos terribly wrong (Agnetha and Frida wear pants with their kimonos, and they the kimonos are not the cat dresses).  But besides that last bit, they're pretty good.  When the two girls, Karen Rush and Diana Nesbitt actually sound like Agnetha and Frida when their voices are combined.  Especially when they do "Dancing Queen".  ;)  Ms. Rush definately doesn't have as high a voice as Agnetha does, but it's close.  Not so close, but close.  I've also noticed a few similar facial features between the ABBA members and the Bjorn Identity members.  I have to admit that Ms. Nesbitt does a good job at playing Frida in both looks and sound.  And so does Ms. Rush.  So do the guys... just not as much.  Sorry about that.
And the part that I find super cute is the fact that their Bjorn and Agnetha are actually married in real life.  ^_^ 

  So if I were to choose a favorite tribute band, The Bjorn Identity will have to be my favorite.  :)

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