Thursday, June 12, 2014

Confusing costumes.

  I have a huge collection of pictures that people have taken of ABBA the Museum and this one has got me thinking quite a bit.

  First off, why does Agnetha's purple outfit have only one strap?  I thought it had two.  (I'll get to that later).  Second, who's outfit is this white one?  If it's Bjorn's, why does he have this one as well?
  I thought that he wore a jacket with this white jumpsuit as well, but apparently I'm wrong.  He has two outfits that he wears with the white set of costumes.  This one and
this one.  It looks just like the one in the museum.  But then I
saw this picture and that their are purple stripes which got me thinking that he must be wearing a jacket with the jumpsuit from earlier.  But the pants are way too loose to be the jumpsuit.  So, I've concluded that one side of the white outfit in the museum had purple stripes on it.  I wouldn't have to do all this thinking and concluding if I were just able to go to the museum myself!!!!  >.<

  And now for Agnetha's jumpsuit-thingy-thing.  Why does it have only one strap when on all the pictures and videos I've seen she has two???

  I originally thought that maybe it had ripped over the years, but I'm wrong about that, too, because of this picture I saw.

  So now I have concluded that maybe that part is removable and Agnetha took it off because of the hot stage lights and then she lost the part.  o.O  That sounds really dumb, but whatever.  Boy is this getting me confused!!!

  I've also seen that a lot of people are getting confused as to what year this costume is from.
  I know, though.  :)  It's Benny's outfit from this batch of costumes that they wore for a bit in 1979.  I'm smart.  :P


  1. I'm getting a little bit crazier everyday. There's always a new ABBA picture and it's in HD! Damn it! Hahahahahaha!

    1. LOL! :D Yes, all these HD pictures are causing me to fill up my computer space. :P


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