Sunday, June 29, 2014

Contest: Pick my next animation!!! :D

  I've finally had enough confidence to do this.  :)

Say hello to my first ABBAFan456 equivalent of a contest!!! :D This one is about YOU being able to pick the song for my next next next animation. I mean next^3 for a reason because I want to do "Suzy-Hang-Around" and "What About Livingston" as soon as I can. Those are great songs, right? ;)

It has to be an ABBA song. Not the Beatles, not the Rolling Stones, not the Monkeys, not Fleetwood Mac or any other band. However, songs like "The Heat is On" and "I Know There's Something's Going On" or any song that the ABBA members' have done during their solo careers and previous bands is completely fine. If you list a song that I've made an animation out of, then I won't remake it unless it is one that I feel needs remaking. :P

This is my first video to be posted with COMMENTS!! That's because comments are needed so you can leave the song you want down in the comments below. :P

And just so you know, if the song is over 4 minutes long, then I *probably* won't end up picking it because songs like that (Ex. "The Visitors", "The Day Before You Came", etc) take FOREVER, and I mean FOREVER to make. Ever wondered why it took so long for Eagle v.2 to be made...?

Anyway, the "contest" ends on August 31st of 2014 (duh). Have fun! :D
-- ABBAFan456 :)

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