Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three more drawings.

  It always happens that whenever I'm in the mood to start drawing again, something happens that makes it to be very hard.  This time, I got a splinter in my finger.  There still is a tiny little bit of a splinter in my finger, but its coming out... slowly...

  So, here are my most recent drawings:

Agnetha in 1974.  I think the shading came out pretty nicely.  :)

This one is of Frida from 1972.  I think I'm getting pretty good at black and white pictures.  :)yu

And, since I really, really enjoyed Disney's take on the classic story of Rapunzel, I drew this. 
And... since I LOVE coloring pages...

A coloring page for you!  :D  Cartoon ABBA... Cute? 


  1. You're awesome, my dear! You're getting better everyday! I'm very proud of you. :*

    1. Thanks so much, Isabela! ^_^

    2. They'r so cute! Hahaha. I want a t-shirt with the last drawing.

    3. LOL! I think I should make a shirt with it on Zazzle... :)


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