Thursday, August 15, 2013

Butchering Songs

BEWARE, this is a rant.  :P

  Hello viewers!  :D  Today was a wonderful day!  I was out enjoying some summer fun.  Everything was nice...  EXCEPT for one thing:  I heard people singing Mamma Mia.   Even worse: They were getting everything all wrong!  Most ABBA fans don't really mind that, but I was in the "Be true to your music group" mode.  I didn't walk up to the people singing and say, "That is not how to sing Mamma Mia, you evil, evil people!"  I just walked by and kept quiet.

  Well, if that was a real ABBA rehearsal and ABBA were there, I have a feeling that Bjorn and Benny would not be pleased...  They didn't even like it when Agnetha and Frida sang out of key!  o.O


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