Friday, August 23, 2013

ABBA the Coloring Book

  I'm so happy that there is actually an ABBA coloring book!  :D  It's at ABBA the Museum... which I haven't gone to yet. -_-  I'm happy though, because now I don't have to make any for the ABBA community!  I remember wanting to make one a while back because there wasn't any ABBA coloring books at the time.

  Well, the picture you're supposed to color in doesn't look so good...  I bet I could do better... Maybe I should make one...  Anyway, at least there is a coloring book now.  There are also ABBA color pencils which I think is just awesome!  If I ever go to the museum, I'm definitely going to get some.

   I bet my good friend Isabela could use them, too.  ;)  Oh, viewers, you should really check out Isabela's blog!  She draws amazing ABBA drawings!  She is so talented!  :D

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