Sunday, July 14, 2013

What are ABBA doing now?

   Agnetha might be returning to the recording studio after the summer.  Another album?  Can't wait to see what happens!  :P

  I believe Benny is doing a summer tour around Sweden, so he's going to be real busy.

  And Bjorn, well, we don't know what he'll be doing now.  But we do know that he was on stage earlier.  ;)  I wish I could've been there!  I wonder what he sounds like singing nowadays.  In case you want to know, I would just love to hear Bjorn singing Rock Me in his old age.  Something tells me that it will sound extremely bad (especially when he goes Yeahhhh!)!

  What's Frida doing?  No idea.  Let's hope another album like Agnetha!

  Oh yeah, I'm having a feeling that ABBA are planning a surprise reunion on April 6th, 2014, next year for Waterloo's 40th anniversary.  :P  Let's just wait and see if it'll come true...  :)

Sorry, I just love this picture.  ;)

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