Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Agnetha and Bjorn's clothes

   Do you see Agnetha's shirt?  It's a very nice striped shirt.  Well, look at Bjorn's shirt.

It looks nice, right? 

Well, either Agnetha and Bjorn share shirts (even though they were already divorced), or they both bought the same shirt.  But is it a man's shirt or a woman's shirt?  :P

  Agnetha and Bjorn seemed to share clothes a lot, as you will soon see...
  Obviously, they are sharing sweaters.  But who's sweater does it belong to?  I've seen more pictures of Bjorn wearing it than Agnetha, so I will assume that it belongs to Bjorn.  There you go, Bjorn, I grant you full ownership of that sweater.  :P

Doesn't Bjorn have a nice scarf?  But hmmm, that scarf sure looks familiar...  Where have we seen it before?

  That's where we've seen it before, on Agnetha!  I've seen more pictures of Agnetha wearing the scarf, so I will assume that it belongs to Agnetha.  There you go, Agnetha!  ;)

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